Monday, December 15, 2014

Pre-wedding Photoshoot with Precious Bridal SS2

A total of 59 photos were chosen in our album. Can't load all of them here, so I chose my favourite ones:

For the first image:

Our 2nd theme - casual picnic shoot:

3rd image: Cafe

4th image: the Blue greyish gown

5th Image: White mermaid gown

Hope you guys enjoy the photos!


Alice In Wonderland said...

Your wedding photos are so nice! May I know who is your photographer?

siewmun said...

Hi Alice, thank you for your compliments. My photographer is Dic Leng from Precious SS2.

karter.martin said...

Wow! Your wedding images are so beautiful and you look dazzling in all the images! I also want to celebrate my anniversary but I need to select an affordable vow renewal package. Please help and recommend me some elegant vow renewal location for my anniversary party.

ester chun said...

Hi..dear .may I know where is tis cafe location? Can let us having pre shooting there ? Im looking the cafe is can for pre shoot