Monday, December 29, 2014

My Wedding Day - Night

After the morning ceremony, the dai kum jie asked me not to wash my hair as I have “wealth” sign on me. Woot! That save me some time in the afternoon since I do not need to wash hair, although I was slightly reluctant not to wash it. However, for my husband, I will not wash it! I want to bring him wealth! Hahahah.

After packing the things that we are supposed to bring to the restaurant, I managed to grab a 15 minutes nap / rest.

When we want to leave that time, it started to rain… HEAVILY! My goodness. Our schedule was slightly delayed and my makeup artist has to wait for me for 30 minutes.

When we reached there, I quickly went for the makeup while Scott settles other matters. After makeup and with my hair still in curlers, I went and practice my guzheng with keyboard player. Yup, I engaged my guzheng teacher’s band. It is a 5 piece band that consisted of guzheng, keyboard, flute, guitar / pipa and an Erhu. It is a western and eastern fusion band that play English and Chinese songs.

About 6.30pm, relatives start coming in. I went back and settled my hair. After settling the hair and changed into my white gown, we were ushered into another room for tea ceremony. The tea ceremony is for those who couldn’t make it for the morning session.

Then dai kum jie asked me to stay inside the room and not come out until the march in. I was like, “What! I dressed so pretty and I wanna take pictures with my friends!”. She said she is just informing me. I didn’t follow her instruction, so I went out and take photos table by table with my friends.

VIP table decorations

At 8.20pm, it is our march in time! So excited!

Our flower girl - Kaylee and flower boy - Jun Larm

We managed to eat the first and second course before I went back for a second change in dress. At the same time, our SDE photos slide show and video were played.

After the second march in, we were ushered on stage to do the cake cutting and champagne toasting ceremony.

Still got time to do "peace" while march in
Pouring champagne. Oh the champagne was delicious!

After watching our pre-wedding slideshow, it was my performance time! Slightly nervous but I had calmed down as compared to my rehearsal time. My hands were not shivering anymore.  The lights were dimmed, so I couldn’t really see the front, and I won’t be so nervous. I managed to perform my two songs: Colors of the Wind (English) and The Moon Represent My Heart (Chinese) with just a slight mistakes. Hahaha.

Then I went for a 3rd change in gown – the gown that my BFFs got me. When I came back out, it was yum seng time. Table to table.

After that, we said thank you and bid goodbye to our guests.

After all those happenings, when I reach home, I was still wide awake! I think it was due to the adrenalin rush.  I really enjoyed the day and night!


Charlene Chen said...

Hi! Do you still have your Dai Kam Jie's contact to share with me? Thanks!

Siew Mun said...

Hi Charlene, I wouldn't recommend my Dai Kam Jie as somehow or rather she made my family and my in-laws unhappy. I was not quite satisfied with her service too.

Charlene Chen said...

Oops, oh my. As someone who has been through, any advice for me when looking out for a Dai Kam Jie? Thanks in advance, babe!

Siew Mun said... tough looking for a good dai kam jie you know. My friends are not satisfied with their dai kum jie either. Once you hire DKJ, you have to listen and follow whatever they said. They also always rushing during the jip san leong time. That made the ji mui dont have enough time to play the games. My DKJ is a retired one, and quite a few number of things she forgotten to say, the "auspicious words" were all the same during the tea ceremony. What I can say is to look for DJK that is strongly recommended by friends who had engaged her before.

Charlene Chen said...

Can totally understand where you coming from... thanks for the information! Deeply appreciated! Over here in Singapore, DKJs aren't that popular and so, I think wouldn't be easy to find. But will bear in mind what you have shared! Wishing you a blissful marriage though I know I am late :)