Friday, December 5, 2014

My Wedding Day - Morning

I had an early sleep the night before my big day, but I couldn’t sleep soundly. Maybe due to the excitement.

At 5am, my makeup artist started to work on me. The videographer, photographer, my ji muis all arriving consecutively after 6am. 

At 7am, I am already done with my makeup and hairdo, so I walked around the house checking out my ji muis and ate some bread. Photographer, Jermenn took my bridal gown out to the playground and get some shots.

After he was done with it, I changed to the gown and took some beauty shots.

The groom entourage was late. When they arrived, they have to play some games. Now, at this point, the dai kum jie (Lady Chaperone) kept chasing my ji muis to open the door and asked them not to play so many games. I watched the whole situation LIVE on my ipad and I was fuming in my own room. My girls only manage to play 2 out of 4 games that we have prepared.

When entering the house, Scott will have to read out the promises that I printed and that time the dai kum jie also chase me to open my room door. I was really annoyed by her but I just chose to brush it aside.

So after entering my room, we exchange ring and a kiss and bowed to each other, pray to the God.  

We have a group photos:

Then, my dad used a red umbrella and shade me while I exiting the house.

Upstairs of groom house, my videographer wanted to take some video and we spent quite some time in taking the video as we were not natural doing moves. All this videographing delayed my planned schedule badly. The guys downstairs thought I took so long to change into my Qun Kwa.

We served tea to the groom’s relatives and off we went, back to bride’s house to serve tea. The videographer wanted to take some heng dai and ji mui shot, so we went to our garden under the hot sun and took some shots. We were so awkward la when the videographer asked us to talk lively etc. 

After having lunch at my place, we were done with the morning ceremony. Went back to the groom's house for a short rest. 

(note: the photos above are all taken by my friend. We are still waiting for official photos from our photographer)

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