Sunday, October 26, 2014

Surprise Wedding Gift - Marry Merry Gown

Less than 1 week before the wedding, my best friends Royal Chicks ask me why I did not show them my chose wedding gowns. I told them that my mom and bro did not like that gowns that I have chosen, hence I do not want to show to anyone in order not to receive any more negative feedback. For the past 2 months, I have been looking back at the photos of the gowns that I had chosen to convince myself that the gowns are nice. Each time, I still find that there is an emptiness in my heart that I missed out the nicest gown (it was not available on my wedding day).

Put that issue aside, I am supposed to blog about the surprise that my Royal Chicks gave me! It was a week before the wedding and that weekend was betrothal gifts day. Both Saturday and Sunday were busy days for me and the gals wanted to give me a bachelorette party. We manage to agree on Sunday 5pm dinner at SS2. I was like grumbling why dinner so early and that afternoon I will be at the restaurant to do sound check. I told them I will rush back as soon as possible la.

Sunday arrived. After I bathed, changed my clothes and my mom came knocking on my door. I was like “why knock my door? I told her to tabao breakfast for me already ma!!” I walked to the living room without combing my wet hair and there they were, both Emay and Chean standing at the living room. I also forgotten whether they uttered the word “SURPRISE!”. All I remembered was that I kept asking them “why you guys are here?” “did we say we wanna eat breakfast together?” “I thought I said no dim sum already ma” etc.  I am so bad at reacting to surprise, am I?

Then, they passed me a big box. I opened it and it was a purple shimmery gown. I was like “When can I wear it?? Maybe for our family photoshoot?” Then my father said immediately “wear it on your wedding dinner la!” My mom was like “ya, so beautiful this dress!” Both the girls said “your parents read our mind!” Please pardon me! I was so blur la that day!

So, I went into my room and change to the gown, it was quite loose, like 2 inches loose. They bought size M. The reason they came early was that I can go back to Marry Merry on that day itself to get it altered before my wedding day (it takes 3 days alteration).

After a short chat, we went for dimsum breakfast as I had a facial appointment at 9.30am. We were discussing about the whole gown hunting event. They went to my bridal house, Precious to ask for my measurements. They brought the measurement to Marry Merry and the salesgirl Eunice recommended size M (which obviously is the wrong recommendation. Will discuss about it in another post).  We also talked about why they bought me a gown instead of other gifts. They said because I was not happy with my chosen gowns so they decided to get me another one!

I am so blessed to have the Royal Chicks in my life la. Although no bachelorette party, everyone praised my purple gown on the wedding dinner night.

The Royal Chicks + Baby Bernice
Shimmering under flash

Oh, not to mention that both the girls were standing outside the gate talking to my dog for 5 minutes because I was bathing and my parents had went out for breakfast! 

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