Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Personal Bridal Photoshoot with Wanderer Photography - Part II

By signing up another personal bridal shoot, I received mix comments from my friends and family. Some said is a waste of money, some said just do it to fulfil my wish. While I was waiting for my photos to be sent to me, I still have doubts whether my money had gone down the drain or it had been put to good use.

After a month of waiting, Ken posted the first photo on his website and this was the photo:

Stunning isn’t it? It was impressive and I received lots of praises around my friends. The following day, Ken sent the balance of 14 photos for me to choose which one to print A4 size. The photos were A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! Each photos have its own story to convey and I love them all. It was a hard time for me to choose which one to be printed out as A4 size. I finally chosen this:

The main reason being: the long flowy veil that captured my eyes.

The other photos were equally beautiful:

Ken the photographer and Gladish the makeup artist had done a great job.  The photos turned out fantastic! Which one is your favourite?

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