Saturday, October 25, 2014

Personal Bridal Photoshoot with Wanderer Photography

This post was drafted in July and finally I am gonna post this.

I still couldn’t get enough of myself in the beautiful white gown, as the saying says “It is a once in a lifetime!”, so I engaged Wanderer Photography to do a personal bridal photoshoot. By means of “personal”, it implies that me alone, without the husband. Crazy bride, am I? I also called this a “syiok sendiri” photoshoot. Haha.

Actually, the main reason that I wanted to do this photoshoot is because outdoor scenery in a white gown photo is missing from my current wedding album. Previously, I fixed two outdoor shoot themes: casual picnic theme and white gown in a café theme. After the photoshoot, in my heart, I felt that something was missing which is a white gown in real outdoor scenery.

When I saw Wanderer Photography promoting their bridesmaid bridal shoot and personal bridal shoot package, I enquired immediately and I agreed to do it. I topped up another RM100 for an outdoor photoshoot. As their studio is located at Setia Alam, photographer Ken suggested the Setia Alam park.

On a Saturday evening, I went to their studio at 3pm. Gladish, the makeup artist started to do her wonders on me. I requested for a long veil specifically and she agreed to it. After finishing the makeup and hairdo, I was ushered to choose my preferred gown. At the very beginning, I know I wanted a princess ball gown type, so I narrowed down my choice to 2 gowns. After trying the first one, which I don’t feel like it, I went for the second one.

Before we proceeded to outdoor, Gladish took a few accessories. She helped me to wear a necklace, and later she asked whether I like the head necklace, I said it is very nice. Then, she brought a long a few props i.e flowers and umbrella.

I told Ken, the photographer not to worry about the shoot because I am very photogenic. That made the joke of the day. Hahahaha. I was like not embarrassed to say that. After clicking a few clicks, Ken agreed that I am indeed photogenic.

We did quite a few poses:
- lying down on grass with fallen leaves;
- along the walk way and pose a few poses;
- swirling of my gown;
- sat in between the bushes of flowers;
- lying on cement floor
- squatting on the playground
- veil flowing
- lying down again

It was one hour plus and Ken got all the shots he wanted. Throughout the process, I enjoyed myself and I felt so relax doing it as I was really happy. 

Stay tuned for my next post on the outcome.

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