Friday, October 24, 2014

Actual Wedding Day Gown Selection - Precious Bridal SS2

Although my wedding is over, I would like to show you guys the gowns that I had tried for my actual wedding day. My package allows me to choose 3 gowns, I decided on 2 white and 1 dinner gowns. Prior to the gown fitting date, what I had in mind was a mermaid cut gown for morning, a white princess ball gown and a red gown for the dinner.

Helen served me that night.  I was allowed to browse through the gown selection and pick out the gowns. I had picked around 15 gowns, and Helen recommended some gowns too. Below are the gowns that I had tried that night.

For white gowns:

princess ball gown

nice long wide trail
New arrival - vintage feel but the top part uncomfy for me.

I chose this due to the layering. 
Helen took this out, really beautiful (I chose this too)
Chose this but not available on my wedding day
clip on lace tail
For red gowns:

I chose this

Not bad oh

My final selection was the white halter neck gown with a tail and the gown was being booked till my wedding day. Disappointment. I select the other layered ball gown. Seeing that I can’t select the 2nd white gown, Helen brought in another one, I immediately love the gown. It was not fitting that day as the bride before this was petite, I could not even zip up. I chose the gownas the details were nice. As for the red gown, I made the fastest decision as I like it a lot.

For the past 2 months, I keep on thinking about halter neck gown. There was nothing I could do other that to wish it was available on my wedding day.

2 days prior my wedding day, I went for a fitting session for my 3 chosen gowns. With a slightest hope, I showed Joelle and Grace that the halter neck gown I wanted and whether it is back on shelf. They went out and look for it, while I went into the fitting area to see the 3 gowns that I had picked.

The layered ball gown that I picked was wrong. I told Grace about it and she asked me whether I want to change it. I asked again whether the halter neck gown is available and she said yes, the bride had returned it early. My eyes immediately BLINKED! I just couldn’t believe it! My desired gown is back and it is available for me! I told Grace that I want it and she said there will be a RM100 penalty charge, I said no problem!!! I am willing to pay for it! I was so happy and it made my day!

This is THE gown that I wanted, it is just so-fitting:

A clearer picture and more fitting gown I chose.

Note: Everyone praised the mermaid gown on that night! 


Eunice Loi said...

You were so sweet looking. We love lace wedding gown. Tailor made gown always be the first choice.

Joyce Gan said...

Love your sharing of your preparation for your wedding. And I strongly agreed with you that post gown selection days are really miserable!! I just went to choose my gowns yesterday and I keep thinking did I pick the right one especially their dinner gowns was just so-so..

By the way, you really look great in that halter neck gown!! Is this designer gown?

siewmun said...

Hi Eunice, thank you for your kind comments.

siewmun said...

Hi Joyce, I think what you have to do now is to relax and believe what you have chosen is the best! Do remember that bride is always the PRETTIEST that night!

Oh, the halter neck gown is at the normal rack section, not designer gown.

Joyce Gan said...

Yeah you're right!!! Thanks again for your sharing!