Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Personal Bridal Photoshoot with Wanderer Photography - Part II

By signing up another personal bridal shoot, I received mix comments from my friends and family. Some said is a waste of money, some said just do it to fulfil my wish. While I was waiting for my photos to be sent to me, I still have doubts whether my money had gone down the drain or it had been put to good use.

After a month of waiting, Ken posted the first photo on his website and this was the photo:

Stunning isn’t it? It was impressive and I received lots of praises around my friends. The following day, Ken sent the balance of 14 photos for me to choose which one to print A4 size. The photos were A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! Each photos have its own story to convey and I love them all. It was a hard time for me to choose which one to be printed out as A4 size. I finally chosen this:

The main reason being: the long flowy veil that captured my eyes.

The other photos were equally beautiful:

Ken the photographer and Gladish the makeup artist had done a great job.  The photos turned out fantastic! Which one is your favourite?

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Surprise Wedding Gift - Marry Merry Gown

Less than 1 week before the wedding, my best friends Royal Chicks ask me why I did not show them my chose wedding gowns. I told them that my mom and bro did not like that gowns that I have chosen, hence I do not want to show to anyone in order not to receive any more negative feedback. For the past 2 months, I have been looking back at the photos of the gowns that I had chosen to convince myself that the gowns are nice. Each time, I still find that there is an emptiness in my heart that I missed out the nicest gown (it was not available on my wedding day).

Put that issue aside, I am supposed to blog about the surprise that my Royal Chicks gave me! It was a week before the wedding and that weekend was betrothal gifts day. Both Saturday and Sunday were busy days for me and the gals wanted to give me a bachelorette party. We manage to agree on Sunday 5pm dinner at SS2. I was like grumbling why dinner so early and that afternoon I will be at the restaurant to do sound check. I told them I will rush back as soon as possible la.

Sunday arrived. After I bathed, changed my clothes and my mom came knocking on my door. I was like “why knock my door? I told her to tabao breakfast for me already ma!!” I walked to the living room without combing my wet hair and there they were, both Emay and Chean standing at the living room. I also forgotten whether they uttered the word “SURPRISE!”. All I remembered was that I kept asking them “why you guys are here?” “did we say we wanna eat breakfast together?” “I thought I said no dim sum already ma” etc.  I am so bad at reacting to surprise, am I?

Then, they passed me a big box. I opened it and it was a purple shimmery gown. I was like “When can I wear it?? Maybe for our family photoshoot?” Then my father said immediately “wear it on your wedding dinner la!” My mom was like “ya, so beautiful this dress!” Both the girls said “your parents read our mind!” Please pardon me! I was so blur la that day!

So, I went into my room and change to the gown, it was quite loose, like 2 inches loose. They bought size M. The reason they came early was that I can go back to Marry Merry on that day itself to get it altered before my wedding day (it takes 3 days alteration).

After a short chat, we went for dimsum breakfast as I had a facial appointment at 9.30am. We were discussing about the whole gown hunting event. They went to my bridal house, Precious to ask for my measurements. They brought the measurement to Marry Merry and the salesgirl Eunice recommended size M (which obviously is the wrong recommendation. Will discuss about it in another post).  We also talked about why they bought me a gown instead of other gifts. They said because I was not happy with my chosen gowns so they decided to get me another one!

I am so blessed to have the Royal Chicks in my life la. Although no bachelorette party, everyone praised my purple gown on the wedding dinner night.

The Royal Chicks + Baby Bernice
Shimmering under flash

Oh, not to mention that both the girls were standing outside the gate talking to my dog for 5 minutes because I was bathing and my parents had went out for breakfast! 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Personal Bridal Photoshoot with Wanderer Photography

This post was drafted in July and finally I am gonna post this.

I still couldn’t get enough of myself in the beautiful white gown, as the saying says “It is a once in a lifetime!”, so I engaged Wanderer Photography to do a personal bridal photoshoot. By means of “personal”, it implies that me alone, without the husband. Crazy bride, am I? I also called this a “syiok sendiri” photoshoot. Haha.

Actually, the main reason that I wanted to do this photoshoot is because outdoor scenery in a white gown photo is missing from my current wedding album. Previously, I fixed two outdoor shoot themes: casual picnic theme and white gown in a café theme. After the photoshoot, in my heart, I felt that something was missing which is a white gown in real outdoor scenery.

When I saw Wanderer Photography promoting their bridesmaid bridal shoot and personal bridal shoot package, I enquired immediately and I agreed to do it. I topped up another RM100 for an outdoor photoshoot. As their studio is located at Setia Alam, photographer Ken suggested the Setia Alam park.

On a Saturday evening, I went to their studio at 3pm. Gladish, the makeup artist started to do her wonders on me. I requested for a long veil specifically and she agreed to it. After finishing the makeup and hairdo, I was ushered to choose my preferred gown. At the very beginning, I know I wanted a princess ball gown type, so I narrowed down my choice to 2 gowns. After trying the first one, which I don’t feel like it, I went for the second one.

Before we proceeded to outdoor, Gladish took a few accessories. She helped me to wear a necklace, and later she asked whether I like the head necklace, I said it is very nice. Then, she brought a long a few props i.e flowers and umbrella.

I told Ken, the photographer not to worry about the shoot because I am very photogenic. That made the joke of the day. Hahahaha. I was like not embarrassed to say that. After clicking a few clicks, Ken agreed that I am indeed photogenic.

We did quite a few poses:
- lying down on grass with fallen leaves;
- along the walk way and pose a few poses;
- swirling of my gown;
- sat in between the bushes of flowers;
- lying on cement floor
- squatting on the playground
- veil flowing
- lying down again

It was one hour plus and Ken got all the shots he wanted. Throughout the process, I enjoyed myself and I felt so relax doing it as I was really happy. 

Stay tuned for my next post on the outcome.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Actual Wedding Day Gown Selection - Precious Bridal SS2

Although my wedding is over, I would like to show you guys the gowns that I had tried for my actual wedding day. My package allows me to choose 3 gowns, I decided on 2 white and 1 dinner gowns. Prior to the gown fitting date, what I had in mind was a mermaid cut gown for morning, a white princess ball gown and a red gown for the dinner.

Helen served me that night.  I was allowed to browse through the gown selection and pick out the gowns. I had picked around 15 gowns, and Helen recommended some gowns too. Below are the gowns that I had tried that night.

For white gowns:

princess ball gown

nice long wide trail
New arrival - vintage feel but the top part uncomfy for me.

I chose this due to the layering. 
Helen took this out, really beautiful (I chose this too)
Chose this but not available on my wedding day
clip on lace tail
For red gowns:

I chose this

Not bad oh

My final selection was the white halter neck gown with a tail and the gown was being booked till my wedding day. Disappointment. I select the other layered ball gown. Seeing that I can’t select the 2nd white gown, Helen brought in another one, I immediately love the gown. It was not fitting that day as the bride before this was petite, I could not even zip up. I chose the gownas the details were nice. As for the red gown, I made the fastest decision as I like it a lot.

For the past 2 months, I keep on thinking about halter neck gown. There was nothing I could do other that to wish it was available on my wedding day.

2 days prior my wedding day, I went for a fitting session for my 3 chosen gowns. With a slightest hope, I showed Joelle and Grace that the halter neck gown I wanted and whether it is back on shelf. They went out and look for it, while I went into the fitting area to see the 3 gowns that I had picked.

The layered ball gown that I picked was wrong. I told Grace about it and she asked me whether I want to change it. I asked again whether the halter neck gown is available and she said yes, the bride had returned it early. My eyes immediately BLINKED! I just couldn’t believe it! My desired gown is back and it is available for me! I told Grace that I want it and she said there will be a RM100 penalty charge, I said no problem!!! I am willing to pay for it! I was so happy and it made my day!

This is THE gown that I wanted, it is just so-fitting:

A clearer picture and more fitting gown I chose.

Note: Everyone praised the mermaid gown on that night!