Thursday, July 3, 2014

Wedding Ring - Diamond and Platinum

Our Registration of Marriage was on June 1st and we sort of like bought the wedding rings at the very last minute i.e a week before the ROM. Hehe. I shall share my ring hunting story.

Before we went and shop for the wedding rings, we already set our mindset that we wanted a platinum ring as we will be wearing it every day, so platinum will be more tahan lasak than white gold. I myself also set a objective that I do not want diamond on my ring because our engagement ring already has a diamond on it. Just a plain platinum ring will do.

Without any idea whether to go other than Diamond & Platinum (D&P), we went into D&P straight. We told the salesgirl Liz Leong what we wanted and she lead us to a cupboard display of wedding rings. I asked her whether is it possible to get a platinum wedding ring set at RM3k, she laughed and said for that price, only white gold. She said for platinum, at least RM4k and above. I also told her that I just wanted a plain one to wear with my engagement ring. She understood my requirements and took out a few rings for us to try.

Now, I have no problem with the bride's ring designs, all are lovely. However, Scott's finger size is quite small (size 10) and the rings displayed in the cupboard are all size 13 and above. Liz said for his size, it would require custom made and pre-order which will take a month at least. We told her that we need the rings in a week time and there is no time for us to pre-order. 

So, she made several calls to other branches and so happened that one of the design is available in other branch that matches Scott's size. We placed order for it immediately. After deducting some discounts, the set of rings cost RM4.1k, which is slightly above our budget, but is ok. 

This is our wedding band:

The experience with D&P was a good one. Liz was a funny lady and she made us feel at ease even we stated our quite low budget. :-P We were very happy with our purchase. That was my wedding ring hunting experience - one stop one shop and signed and sealed. 

P/S: We went a few days later to collect the ring after it was being transferred from other branch. I noticed Scott's ring has a 0.5cm scratch on top of it and Jowie (Liz was on leave that day) said she will wash it for us. After washing, the scratch was still there, and Jowie said this will need Sifu to polish it. Unfortunately, the Sifu has gone back home (it was 9.30pm that day). We had to use the ring for our ROM the next day, came back one week later to get it polished. 

My point is, D&P is a jewellery manufacturer and the sales staffs should be able to spot any scratches on the ring prior giving to their customers. I already informed them that I will come and collect on that day and they should have check it thoroughly, polish it before giving it to me. We are buying a RM4k item and not a RM41 item. I am happy as long as I don't see any scratches on my ring. 

Well, this was the only glitch that happened for my ring purchasing process. 

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