Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wedding Photo Selection

After a month of waiting eagerly to see the photos, finally it is our turn to choose the photos. Joelle ushered us into a room with two computers. We were seated at one table. Once Joelle open the folder, there were approximately 400 photos!! Joelle went through the photos one by one with us. One round and I find all my photos are really fun.

After that, Joelle left us to choose the photos by ourselves. Our Photographer Dick changed to a more comfortable chairs for us to sit. Sensing it would be a difficult task to narrow down to 55 photos, we quickly started our photo selection process.

We opened a new folder to put in all the photos that we wanted. Actually, I wanted to choose a lot of photos as I look really pretty in all of them. The problem was Boyboy! As he is not photogenic and don't like to take photos, he does not like his photos, he said his face is plump! Every single photo I clicked, he just keep on saying "no", "no", "no"..... Now, I am sensing danger here. We only had 30 photos after the first round. =.= I super sweat la.

Second round we went through again and I asked him to choose one out of the many similar poses. Ended up with total 40 photos. Still couldn't meet the quota!!! I could have ignore him and choose whichever photos that I like, but knowing that wedding photos are supposed to show "togetherness", I respected his decision. I want him to be happy and excited whenever we look back at our wedding photos and not grumbling.

The third round, I chose my single shots, either I am alone in the picture or pictures that focused on me and blurred him out. Hahahahaha. We managed to finalize our 55 photos! Good Job!

Below are some of the unedited photos that I have taken with my handphone:
Indoor studio in my greyish blue gown
Our fun casual picnic shoot
Our old school vintage cafe shoot
Then, another problem popped up: we do not have the conventional side by side photo to be put as bed frame photo. I asked Joelle to come in for some advise. With the limited conventional photos that we had, Boyboy just could not bring himself to say "yes" to any of them. Joelle then asked me, which one that I like most out of the 55 photos, I pointed at the one with piano and the one under the veil:
Piano shoot
Romantic white gown shoot
The piano one was not suitable. I actually really like the one under the veil as the "feel" was there, but it was a side profile and faces are not clear as the veil covered both of us. Joelle said as long as we do not care what other people said about this photo, this photo is a very good photo. Boyboy said this is our wedding photo and it would be hung in our room and only 2 of us will see it every single day. What both of them said were true. Yes! We found THE wedding photo to be hung in our room.

I love all the photos that Dick had taken as all of the photos exactly transpired what I wanted in my wedding shoot: FUN yet ROMANTIC. All were quite natural and sweet. I am totally satisfied with our photographer and he exceeded my expectation. He managed to capture the "FEEL" that we wanted. It was just that Boyboy was not photogenic, as such we did not top up for additional photos. 

p/s: After pondering about it the whole night, I really wanted to top up another 4 photos for my cheeky expressions aka Korean style. I called up Joelle and asked for some discount, and I did my top up. I left it to my photographer to choose my best 4 cheeky styles as I trust his taste.

Well, that concluded my photo selection process.  Have to wait till month end to look at the album designs.

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