Thursday, July 10, 2014

Registration of Marriage (ROM) @ Chempaka Buddhist Lodge

We chose Chempaka Buddhist Lodge to register our marriage. The reason was simple: near our house and not too packed. 3 months prior to our ROM, we took the form from the Lodge, filled up and submitted to Commissioner of Oath then to JPN. After that, we submitted the JPN's stamped form back to the Lodge. We fixed a date by then: June 1st.

The day finally arrived. I engaged my friend's Jing Wei (who is a makeup artist) to do my hair and makeup. I requested for Princess Kate inspired braid and bun hair and she did it for me. The makeup was superb too. I was a happy bride. 

Scott was handsome that day with a vest and a tie. I just can't help myself for falling in love with him again!

2 families photo:

Chean came to support!

Listening to the Commissioner.

Angkat Sumpah.

 Signing the papers.

Exchanging rings.

Monk's blessings.

Koh Samui group came:

I enjoyed the process of ROM. It made me feel happy and precious. We are officially married!

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