Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Pre-wedding Photoshoot with Precious Bridal, SS2

Our long-awaited photoshoot day has arrived!

In preparation for this photoshoot, I was busy surfing internet for inspiration on picnic props as well as café props. There is a list of props that I had listed down but in reality I didn’t manage to buy all due to time constraint (yeah, my last minute preparation).  My picnic props were cupcakes, rainbow cakes, cake stand, wine, wine glass, basket, fruits, lollipop and “just married” balloon (from my Registration of Marriage); while my café props were only coke bottles. Oh, not to forget my indoor props: banner and a teddy bear! 
"Just Married" balloon followed me to the photoshoot.

We arrived at Precious before 9am and we were ushered to the make up room. I brought my own ampoule and used the makeup artist's fake lashes. Scott did his makeup first while I was being ushered into the fitting room to try my gowns. Out of the 4 gowns, 3 gowns were loose at waist part and required further alterations. After that, it was my turn to makeup. 

Our makeup artist was Sharon while our photographer was Dic. Sharon asked me what hairstyle I do not like and what makeup I preferred. Very considerate of her. I told her that no special requirements, just make my small eyes become bigger will do, and for hairstyle, I do not want dangling streak of hair at one side. That was it. She proceeded to apply makeup on me and did my hair. 

My first image.
During my makeup, Dic also came in and asked what is my preference for photoshoot. My answer to him was simple as well: as long as manage to show that we are happy and had fun, romantic will do. I also showed him some of the backgrounds that I want for the indoor. After understanding our requirement, he proceeded to match Scott's attire. He had a hard time trying to find a fitting coat for Scott as all the coats are too big for him. Lol. Luckily we bought a suit from Domanchi that is fitting for Scott that we used for 2 of the shoots.

Our sequence of shooting was: 1 indoor and 1st outdoor (Taman Aman) -- 2nd outdoor (Cafe); 2 indoors. 

We tried all sorts of poses, fun ones, romantic ones, serious ones. It was tiring but fun!

After the outdoor Taman Aman shoot and we were dining in Awesome Canteen.
My third image.
Handsome Husband
Awesome Canteen

We did our 2nd outdoor shoot at Awesome Canteen, Taman Paramount. One of the founder, Sheaynee gave us all the freedom to use their premise. Their food was great too!

After that, we went back to Precious for a change in makeup. The forth makeup was with a blue gown. Didnt manage to capture any photos. After some indoor shooting, we proceed to Precious Studio located nearby for more indoor shoot. 

5th and last image
Job well done.

That completed our pre-wedding photoshoot. It was fun and at the same time it was tiring. Must have lots of energy to last for one day. Everything was joyful and husband was really cooperative and did what photographer asked him to. I don't mind doing it all over again! (husband will pengsan first seeing this sentence, LOL).

My feedback on the makeup artist and photographer:

- MUA Sharon: She was spot on with the hairstyles, the side chignon, the front braiding, loose hair with a hairband. The loose hair with a hairband was the best one, simplicity at its best (100% of my friends who saw this image praised that this is the best). I was a bit skeptical for the last hairstyle, where she comb my fringe to the back and spray to make my hair high like mountain. With all my hair combed back, my face features are so sharp and clear. This hairstyle made me looks like Hong Kong actress in their glamour form. Really thumbs up for her. As for the makeup, she went for a natural look with emphasis on my big eyes. Yes, my super big eyes that I never had before. LOL. Everything she did, match my personal taste perfectly. Love her!

- Photographer Dic: He gave directions and he knows what he want to achieve in the photos. He took time to understand what was our requirements and what we wanted to achieved in photos. A very hyper guy and has lots of ideas. He was funny too. It was never a dull moment. When my energy was low, he tried to cheer me up by cracking jokes. 

Now, I really hope that our photos turn out really good! Can't wait for the photo selection.

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