Friday, July 25, 2014

Low Maji Steamboat - Puteri Puchong

Well, I miss my food post. I shall start blogging about one now. :-)

Annie ajak us to try this wintermelon steamboat at Puchong. Whenever it comes to steamboat, I am always a "Yes" person. Furthermore, this is a novelty thing that need to be tried. We arrived Low Maji at 7.30pm and it was full house. We left our names with the person in charge and sat aside to wait for our turn. It was a loooooong wait. We were seated after 45 minutes of waiting.

After we were seated, we quickly placed order: 2 x 2 pax wintermelon steamboat set. The wintermelon took 15 minutes to arrive, while Annie's one waited another 15 minutes for hers. The waiting time is so long, in my opinion.

There are 2 layers of this steamboat: Outer layer is for vegetables and fu chuk while inner layer (i.e inside the wintermelon) is for meat. Once the soup is decreasing inside the wintermelon, we have to scoop the soup from outer layer to the inner layer. Same process continues throughout the whole dining time.

At first the soup was a bit bland, but after cooking the ingredients, it became thick and flavourful. The ingredients were fresh. Oh, they have this special Low Maji sauce prepared at the table and I love the sauce!

As a summary, the steamboat was nothing to shout about except for the wintermelon thingy. It was not bad, but it was not great until I have to wait one hour plus for it. I will visit this shop again but during the non-peak hours. Good steamboat for raining days.

Low Maji
5 Jalan Puteri 1/4, 
Bandar Puteri, 
47100 Puchong.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wedding Photo Selection

After a month of waiting eagerly to see the photos, finally it is our turn to choose the photos. Joelle ushered us into a room with two computers. We were seated at one table. Once Joelle open the folder, there were approximately 400 photos!! Joelle went through the photos one by one with us. One round and I find all my photos are really fun.

After that, Joelle left us to choose the photos by ourselves. Our Photographer Dick changed to a more comfortable chairs for us to sit. Sensing it would be a difficult task to narrow down to 55 photos, we quickly started our photo selection process.

We opened a new folder to put in all the photos that we wanted. Actually, I wanted to choose a lot of photos as I look really pretty in all of them. The problem was Boyboy! As he is not photogenic and don't like to take photos, he does not like his photos, he said his face is plump! Every single photo I clicked, he just keep on saying "no", "no", "no"..... Now, I am sensing danger here. We only had 30 photos after the first round. =.= I super sweat la.

Second round we went through again and I asked him to choose one out of the many similar poses. Ended up with total 40 photos. Still couldn't meet the quota!!! I could have ignore him and choose whichever photos that I like, but knowing that wedding photos are supposed to show "togetherness", I respected his decision. I want him to be happy and excited whenever we look back at our wedding photos and not grumbling.

The third round, I chose my single shots, either I am alone in the picture or pictures that focused on me and blurred him out. Hahahahaha. We managed to finalize our 55 photos! Good Job!

Below are some of the unedited photos that I have taken with my handphone:
Indoor studio in my greyish blue gown
Our fun casual picnic shoot
Our old school vintage cafe shoot
Then, another problem popped up: we do not have the conventional side by side photo to be put as bed frame photo. I asked Joelle to come in for some advise. With the limited conventional photos that we had, Boyboy just could not bring himself to say "yes" to any of them. Joelle then asked me, which one that I like most out of the 55 photos, I pointed at the one with piano and the one under the veil:
Piano shoot
Romantic white gown shoot
The piano one was not suitable. I actually really like the one under the veil as the "feel" was there, but it was a side profile and faces are not clear as the veil covered both of us. Joelle said as long as we do not care what other people said about this photo, this photo is a very good photo. Boyboy said this is our wedding photo and it would be hung in our room and only 2 of us will see it every single day. What both of them said were true. Yes! We found THE wedding photo to be hung in our room.

I love all the photos that Dick had taken as all of the photos exactly transpired what I wanted in my wedding shoot: FUN yet ROMANTIC. All were quite natural and sweet. I am totally satisfied with our photographer and he exceeded my expectation. He managed to capture the "FEEL" that we wanted. It was just that Boyboy was not photogenic, as such we did not top up for additional photos. 

p/s: After pondering about it the whole night, I really wanted to top up another 4 photos for my cheeky expressions aka Korean style. I called up Joelle and asked for some discount, and I did my top up. I left it to my photographer to choose my best 4 cheeky styles as I trust his taste.

Well, that concluded my photo selection process.  Have to wait till month end to look at the album designs.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Registration of Marriage (ROM) @ Chempaka Buddhist Lodge

We chose Chempaka Buddhist Lodge to register our marriage. The reason was simple: near our house and not too packed. 3 months prior to our ROM, we took the form from the Lodge, filled up and submitted to Commissioner of Oath then to JPN. After that, we submitted the JPN's stamped form back to the Lodge. We fixed a date by then: June 1st.

The day finally arrived. I engaged my friend's Jing Wei (who is a makeup artist) to do my hair and makeup. I requested for Princess Kate inspired braid and bun hair and she did it for me. The makeup was superb too. I was a happy bride. 

Scott was handsome that day with a vest and a tie. I just can't help myself for falling in love with him again!

2 families photo:

Chean came to support!

Listening to the Commissioner.

Angkat Sumpah.

 Signing the papers.

Exchanging rings.

Monk's blessings.

Koh Samui group came:

I enjoyed the process of ROM. It made me feel happy and precious. We are officially married!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Pre-wedding Photoshoot with Precious Bridal, SS2

Our long-awaited photoshoot day has arrived!

In preparation for this photoshoot, I was busy surfing internet for inspiration on picnic props as well as café props. There is a list of props that I had listed down but in reality I didn’t manage to buy all due to time constraint (yeah, my last minute preparation).  My picnic props were cupcakes, rainbow cakes, cake stand, wine, wine glass, basket, fruits, lollipop and “just married” balloon (from my Registration of Marriage); while my café props were only coke bottles. Oh, not to forget my indoor props: banner and a teddy bear! 
"Just Married" balloon followed me to the photoshoot.

We arrived at Precious before 9am and we were ushered to the make up room. I brought my own ampoule and used the makeup artist's fake lashes. Scott did his makeup first while I was being ushered into the fitting room to try my gowns. Out of the 4 gowns, 3 gowns were loose at waist part and required further alterations. After that, it was my turn to makeup. 

Our makeup artist was Sharon while our photographer was Dic. Sharon asked me what hairstyle I do not like and what makeup I preferred. Very considerate of her. I told her that no special requirements, just make my small eyes become bigger will do, and for hairstyle, I do not want dangling streak of hair at one side. That was it. She proceeded to apply makeup on me and did my hair. 

My first image.
During my makeup, Dic also came in and asked what is my preference for photoshoot. My answer to him was simple as well: as long as manage to show that we are happy and had fun, romantic will do. I also showed him some of the backgrounds that I want for the indoor. After understanding our requirement, he proceeded to match Scott's attire. He had a hard time trying to find a fitting coat for Scott as all the coats are too big for him. Lol. Luckily we bought a suit from Domanchi that is fitting for Scott that we used for 2 of the shoots.

Our sequence of shooting was: 1 indoor and 1st outdoor (Taman Aman) -- 2nd outdoor (Cafe); 2 indoors. 

We tried all sorts of poses, fun ones, romantic ones, serious ones. It was tiring but fun!

After the outdoor Taman Aman shoot and we were dining in Awesome Canteen.
My third image.
Handsome Husband
Awesome Canteen

We did our 2nd outdoor shoot at Awesome Canteen, Taman Paramount. One of the founder, Sheaynee gave us all the freedom to use their premise. Their food was great too!

After that, we went back to Precious for a change in makeup. The forth makeup was with a blue gown. Didnt manage to capture any photos. After some indoor shooting, we proceed to Precious Studio located nearby for more indoor shoot. 

5th and last image
Job well done.

That completed our pre-wedding photoshoot. It was fun and at the same time it was tiring. Must have lots of energy to last for one day. Everything was joyful and husband was really cooperative and did what photographer asked him to. I don't mind doing it all over again! (husband will pengsan first seeing this sentence, LOL).

My feedback on the makeup artist and photographer:

- MUA Sharon: She was spot on with the hairstyles, the side chignon, the front braiding, loose hair with a hairband. The loose hair with a hairband was the best one, simplicity at its best (100% of my friends who saw this image praised that this is the best). I was a bit skeptical for the last hairstyle, where she comb my fringe to the back and spray to make my hair high like mountain. With all my hair combed back, my face features are so sharp and clear. This hairstyle made me looks like Hong Kong actress in their glamour form. Really thumbs up for her. As for the makeup, she went for a natural look with emphasis on my big eyes. Yes, my super big eyes that I never had before. LOL. Everything she did, match my personal taste perfectly. Love her!

- Photographer Dic: He gave directions and he knows what he want to achieve in the photos. He took time to understand what was our requirements and what we wanted to achieved in photos. A very hyper guy and has lots of ideas. He was funny too. It was never a dull moment. When my energy was low, he tried to cheer me up by cracking jokes. 

Now, I really hope that our photos turn out really good! Can't wait for the photo selection.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Wedding Ring - Diamond and Platinum

Our Registration of Marriage was on June 1st and we sort of like bought the wedding rings at the very last minute i.e a week before the ROM. Hehe. I shall share my ring hunting story.

Before we went and shop for the wedding rings, we already set our mindset that we wanted a platinum ring as we will be wearing it every day, so platinum will be more tahan lasak than white gold. I myself also set a objective that I do not want diamond on my ring because our engagement ring already has a diamond on it. Just a plain platinum ring will do.

Without any idea whether to go other than Diamond & Platinum (D&P), we went into D&P straight. We told the salesgirl Liz Leong what we wanted and she lead us to a cupboard display of wedding rings. I asked her whether is it possible to get a platinum wedding ring set at RM3k, she laughed and said for that price, only white gold. She said for platinum, at least RM4k and above. I also told her that I just wanted a plain one to wear with my engagement ring. She understood my requirements and took out a few rings for us to try.

Now, I have no problem with the bride's ring designs, all are lovely. However, Scott's finger size is quite small (size 10) and the rings displayed in the cupboard are all size 13 and above. Liz said for his size, it would require custom made and pre-order which will take a month at least. We told her that we need the rings in a week time and there is no time for us to pre-order. 

So, she made several calls to other branches and so happened that one of the design is available in other branch that matches Scott's size. We placed order for it immediately. After deducting some discounts, the set of rings cost RM4.1k, which is slightly above our budget, but is ok. 

This is our wedding band:

The experience with D&P was a good one. Liz was a funny lady and she made us feel at ease even we stated our quite low budget. :-P We were very happy with our purchase. That was my wedding ring hunting experience - one stop one shop and signed and sealed. 

P/S: We went a few days later to collect the ring after it was being transferred from other branch. I noticed Scott's ring has a 0.5cm scratch on top of it and Jowie (Liz was on leave that day) said she will wash it for us. After washing, the scratch was still there, and Jowie said this will need Sifu to polish it. Unfortunately, the Sifu has gone back home (it was 9.30pm that day). We had to use the ring for our ROM the next day, came back one week later to get it polished. 

My point is, D&P is a jewellery manufacturer and the sales staffs should be able to spot any scratches on the ring prior giving to their customers. I already informed them that I will come and collect on that day and they should have check it thoroughly, polish it before giving it to me. We are buying a RM4k item and not a RM41 item. I am happy as long as I don't see any scratches on my ring. 

Well, this was the only glitch that happened for my ring purchasing process.