Thursday, June 26, 2014

Gown Selection Day with Precious Bridal House, SS2

Before the gown selection day, I have survey the internet and magazines for my taste of bridal gown. I like the smooth satin type with ribbons. Preferably nothing too elaborated. My sales girl was Joelle and she discussed what type of photoshoot that I want before I proceed to select my gown.

The girl who served me during my gown fitting was Selina. She told me to pick whatever gowns that interest me, so I started picking. Besides, she also started to choose some gowns for me after understanding my requirements.

My first gown was a princess gown, very elaborate and princessy (no photo).

I like mermaid design but I was afraid that I can’t carry it out, but Selina convinced me to give the mermaid gowns a try. The first mermaid gown was really nice, it fitted me nicely and with some frills at the bottom.

The second mermaid gown was pretty too with a nice trail behind (Final chosen gown).

We also tried some lace gowns which were not my taste.

The outdoor gowns were not too bad, very nice and simple. The below crotchet gown was my first choice but it was not available.

The white gown with rose was my final choice since crotchet gown not available.

After choosing the white gowns, we proceeded to choose the dinner gowns. The dinner gowns selections were really just so-so (personal taste). 

I stroke off any green gowns or turquoise as those are my least favourite colors. I like the pink princess gown though. Other was normal.

She took out the shimmering dress which immediately caught my attention. Once I wore it, I feel like a Barbie doll. The A-line cutting together with the sequins shimmered like nobody business on the mirror. Instant Love!

After finalising the 4 gowns, Selina proceeded to check the availability of the gowns. Two out of the four gowns (pink princess gown and white crotchet gown) that I chose were not available on my photoshoot day. I was really disappointed.  

I have to choose another white gown for outdoor, so I settled with the Victorian rose white gown which I also fancy initially.

Now, the problem arose as other dinner gowns that I had tried did not catch my attention. Selina went out and took another greyish blue gown for me to try. At first look, I do not like it, but she assured me that it really looks nice in the photo. I did try it though and it seemed fine on me. As I was tired, so I decided to go ahead with this gown.

This concludes my gown fitting session, which was tiring but enjoyable.

(From this session, I found out that I actually can carry out mermaid gown design! I always thought that mermaid gown is for hourglass figure ladies, which I was wrong. Actually, ladies with flat butt like me can carry out mermaid gown too!).

P/S: Post gown selection days were quite miserable I would say because I kept thinking that whether I made the wrong decision on gowns, or maybe I should choose the other one. Phui Yee said that it is normal to feel like this as she felt the same way too after her gown selection session. However, she said that “you must trust your own taste!”. Well, that makes perfect sense!

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