Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bridal Shop Selection - Precious Bridal House SS2

After such a long hiatus on my blog, I feel that there is a need to activate it to document my wedding preparation journey. Yes! I am getting married! Scott popped the question on the eve of Valentine’s Day. Well, the proposal was just a simple one without any props or flowers or banners. A very simple one.

That aside, this post will be on the Bridal Shop selection.  After I have done some research online, I have short listed a few Bridal Shops. Depending on the estimate price and packages, I have stroke off a few. Besides, I was reluctant to go for any bridal fair (to avoid the huge crowd), so I had chosen Precious at SS2 for my pre-wedding photoshoot.  The reason was their photos are natural, casual, warm and I liked these effects.

We went to Precious on a Sunday and so happened that they are having a fair at somewhere in KL, so I requested to have the same promotion as that fair. After looking through some portfolios, and discussing with the photographer (yes, Mr Chin the photographer who served me that day), he understood my requirements. He started to list down the items that they are offering. Everything was clear and there are no “hidden agendas / charges”.  

We wanted a simple photoshoot and not too tiring, which means that there will not be a far-away outdoor shoot. I personally wanted a picnic style shoot and a cafĂ© shoot for outdoor, as I do not like architecture stuffs.  Actually, I do love the beach and forest but I decided to drop it due to the distance.

Mr Chin even asked me to go up to have a look at their gowns to see whether the gowns suit my taste. I just browsed through the selection as I know that the gowns will look best when being tried on, and not by just looking at it.  

The package offered was reasonable to us. It includes:
  • Photoshoot - 4 gowns + 1 casual attire; 3 indoor + 2 outdoor shoot - 50 poses + 5 on props
  • Actual day – 3 gowns
  • Some other standard items such as photo frames, ji mui photos, flowers etc.

We have also engaged their full day videography service (morning + night) as their offer is very attractive. Total package was slightly below RM5k which was also within our budget. This concluded my Bridal Shop selection which was a very simple process as I did not go to other Bridal Shops and compare prices. I do hope for the best during my journey with Precious.

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Wenni Donna said...

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