Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Actual Day photo slides show morning

You may click and watch our SDE (same day edit) slides from our photographer, Just Another Production at this link.

Vimeo link

I specially chose the Imagine Dragons' On top of the World song as I like this song so much. It is a happy and lively songs and that represent our morning wedding ceremony. 

Monday, December 29, 2014

My Wedding Day - Night

After the morning ceremony, the dai kum jie asked me not to wash my hair as I have “wealth” sign on me. Woot! That save me some time in the afternoon since I do not need to wash hair, although I was slightly reluctant not to wash it. However, for my husband, I will not wash it! I want to bring him wealth! Hahahah.

After packing the things that we are supposed to bring to the restaurant, I managed to grab a 15 minutes nap / rest.

When we want to leave that time, it started to rain… HEAVILY! My goodness. Our schedule was slightly delayed and my makeup artist has to wait for me for 30 minutes.

When we reached there, I quickly went for the makeup while Scott settles other matters. After makeup and with my hair still in curlers, I went and practice my guzheng with keyboard player. Yup, I engaged my guzheng teacher’s band. It is a 5 piece band that consisted of guzheng, keyboard, flute, guitar / pipa and an Erhu. It is a western and eastern fusion band that play English and Chinese songs.

About 6.30pm, relatives start coming in. I went back and settled my hair. After settling the hair and changed into my white gown, we were ushered into another room for tea ceremony. The tea ceremony is for those who couldn’t make it for the morning session.

Then dai kum jie asked me to stay inside the room and not come out until the march in. I was like, “What! I dressed so pretty and I wanna take pictures with my friends!”. She said she is just informing me. I didn’t follow her instruction, so I went out and take photos table by table with my friends.

VIP table decorations

At 8.20pm, it is our march in time! So excited!

Our flower girl - Kaylee and flower boy - Jun Larm

We managed to eat the first and second course before I went back for a second change in dress. At the same time, our SDE photos slide show and video were played.

After the second march in, we were ushered on stage to do the cake cutting and champagne toasting ceremony.

Still got time to do "peace" while march in
Pouring champagne. Oh the champagne was delicious!

After watching our pre-wedding slideshow, it was my performance time! Slightly nervous but I had calmed down as compared to my rehearsal time. My hands were not shivering anymore.  The lights were dimmed, so I couldn’t really see the front, and I won’t be so nervous. I managed to perform my two songs: Colors of the Wind (English) and The Moon Represent My Heart (Chinese) with just a slight mistakes. Hahaha.

Then I went for a 3rd change in gown – the gown that my BFFs got me. When I came back out, it was yum seng time. Table to table.

After that, we said thank you and bid goodbye to our guests.

After all those happenings, when I reach home, I was still wide awake! I think it was due to the adrenalin rush.  I really enjoyed the day and night!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Pre-wedding Photoshoot with Precious Bridal SS2

A total of 59 photos were chosen in our album. Can't load all of them here, so I chose my favourite ones:

For the first image:

Our 2nd theme - casual picnic shoot:

3rd image: Cafe

4th image: the Blue greyish gown

5th Image: White mermaid gown

Hope you guys enjoy the photos!

Friday, December 5, 2014

My Wedding Day - Morning

I had an early sleep the night before my big day, but I couldn’t sleep soundly. Maybe due to the excitement.

At 5am, my makeup artist started to work on me. The videographer, photographer, my ji muis all arriving consecutively after 6am. 

At 7am, I am already done with my makeup and hairdo, so I walked around the house checking out my ji muis and ate some bread. Photographer, Jermenn took my bridal gown out to the playground and get some shots.

After he was done with it, I changed to the gown and took some beauty shots.

The groom entourage was late. When they arrived, they have to play some games. Now, at this point, the dai kum jie (Lady Chaperone) kept chasing my ji muis to open the door and asked them not to play so many games. I watched the whole situation LIVE on my ipad and I was fuming in my own room. My girls only manage to play 2 out of 4 games that we have prepared.

When entering the house, Scott will have to read out the promises that I printed and that time the dai kum jie also chase me to open my room door. I was really annoyed by her but I just chose to brush it aside.

So after entering my room, we exchange ring and a kiss and bowed to each other, pray to the God.  

We have a group photos:

Then, my dad used a red umbrella and shade me while I exiting the house.

Upstairs of groom house, my videographer wanted to take some video and we spent quite some time in taking the video as we were not natural doing moves. All this videographing delayed my planned schedule badly. The guys downstairs thought I took so long to change into my Qun Kwa.

We served tea to the groom’s relatives and off we went, back to bride’s house to serve tea. The videographer wanted to take some heng dai and ji mui shot, so we went to our garden under the hot sun and took some shots. We were so awkward la when the videographer asked us to talk lively etc. 

After having lunch at my place, we were done with the morning ceremony. Went back to the groom's house for a short rest. 

(note: the photos above are all taken by my friend. We are still waiting for official photos from our photographer)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Personal Bridal Photoshoot with Wanderer Photography - Part II

By signing up another personal bridal shoot, I received mix comments from my friends and family. Some said is a waste of money, some said just do it to fulfil my wish. While I was waiting for my photos to be sent to me, I still have doubts whether my money had gone down the drain or it had been put to good use.

After a month of waiting, Ken posted the first photo on his website and this was the photo:

Stunning isn’t it? It was impressive and I received lots of praises around my friends. The following day, Ken sent the balance of 14 photos for me to choose which one to print A4 size. The photos were A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! Each photos have its own story to convey and I love them all. It was a hard time for me to choose which one to be printed out as A4 size. I finally chosen this:

The main reason being: the long flowy veil that captured my eyes.

The other photos were equally beautiful:

Ken the photographer and Gladish the makeup artist had done a great job.  The photos turned out fantastic! Which one is your favourite?

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Surprise Wedding Gift - Marry Merry Gown

Less than 1 week before the wedding, my best friends Royal Chicks ask me why I did not show them my chose wedding gowns. I told them that my mom and bro did not like that gowns that I have chosen, hence I do not want to show to anyone in order not to receive any more negative feedback. For the past 2 months, I have been looking back at the photos of the gowns that I had chosen to convince myself that the gowns are nice. Each time, I still find that there is an emptiness in my heart that I missed out the nicest gown (it was not available on my wedding day).

Put that issue aside, I am supposed to blog about the surprise that my Royal Chicks gave me! It was a week before the wedding and that weekend was betrothal gifts day. Both Saturday and Sunday were busy days for me and the gals wanted to give me a bachelorette party. We manage to agree on Sunday 5pm dinner at SS2. I was like grumbling why dinner so early and that afternoon I will be at the restaurant to do sound check. I told them I will rush back as soon as possible la.

Sunday arrived. After I bathed, changed my clothes and my mom came knocking on my door. I was like “why knock my door? I told her to tabao breakfast for me already ma!!” I walked to the living room without combing my wet hair and there they were, both Emay and Chean standing at the living room. I also forgotten whether they uttered the word “SURPRISE!”. All I remembered was that I kept asking them “why you guys are here?” “did we say we wanna eat breakfast together?” “I thought I said no dim sum already ma” etc.  I am so bad at reacting to surprise, am I?

Then, they passed me a big box. I opened it and it was a purple shimmery gown. I was like “When can I wear it?? Maybe for our family photoshoot?” Then my father said immediately “wear it on your wedding dinner la!” My mom was like “ya, so beautiful this dress!” Both the girls said “your parents read our mind!” Please pardon me! I was so blur la that day!

So, I went into my room and change to the gown, it was quite loose, like 2 inches loose. They bought size M. The reason they came early was that I can go back to Marry Merry on that day itself to get it altered before my wedding day (it takes 3 days alteration).

After a short chat, we went for dimsum breakfast as I had a facial appointment at 9.30am. We were discussing about the whole gown hunting event. They went to my bridal house, Precious to ask for my measurements. They brought the measurement to Marry Merry and the salesgirl Eunice recommended size M (which obviously is the wrong recommendation. Will discuss about it in another post).  We also talked about why they bought me a gown instead of other gifts. They said because I was not happy with my chosen gowns so they decided to get me another one!

I am so blessed to have the Royal Chicks in my life la. Although no bachelorette party, everyone praised my purple gown on the wedding dinner night.

The Royal Chicks + Baby Bernice
Shimmering under flash

Oh, not to mention that both the girls were standing outside the gate talking to my dog for 5 minutes because I was bathing and my parents had went out for breakfast!