Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ploy - Damansara Heights

Celebrated my birthday at Ploy. As the meal was treated by my gals, I don't have the receipt with me. Let me try to recall all the food we had that night. 

First, we ordered 3 cocktails to try. 

Pardon my Pandan

I really don't know how to drink alcohol, so I couldn't comment on the cocktails. But Emay said the tomyamtini was good. While the pink color cocktail (I have forgotten the name) tasted like medicine.

Me posing with the 3 cocktails
Pomelo salad
The pomelo salad was with a few pieces of duck meat. It was indeed an unique combination and it was refreshing.

Lotus roots chips
Lotus roots chips tasted like potato chips.

This salmon I can say is really awesome. The sauce and the mint just made a perfect salmon!
The squid was so tiny until we were wondering whether we are eating the coating or the squid. 
Lemongrass Chicken
The lemongrass chicken tasted just nice.

Bluecrab Ployzza
Our version of Ployzza came out like tuna-taste. I like the crusts, thin and crunchy. The toppings was ok, but after eating a few pieces, it got "jelak" after that.

Black squid ink spaghetti
I told them that the black squid ink thingy is a must-order in Ploy. So we tried this out. This is my first time eating something with black squid ink, so excited! The dish tasted like Aglio Olio despite the black color.

We saw a table beside us order something in cubes, and some sort of juice was poured into it. So we asked for the menu again and search for the item. We found it! Various taste of ice cube in combination with various juice. We ordered the Assam boi cube with apple juice. Me and Chean totally love it while Emay doesnt like it as she doesn't prefer sourish drink.

Assam cubes with apple juice

Some photos at the entrance.

No doubt is a great place to hang out with friends but the chairs are wooden chairs, not comfortable at all. But we managed to sit from 8pm-12am. LOL.

PLOY @ ClearwaterJalan Changkat SemantanDamansara heights
Tel: 03-20950999

Tiny ratings:
Ambiance: 6.5/10 (the chairs were un-comfy)
Food: 7/10
Service: 7.5/10

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