Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pasta Zanmai - Tropicana Mall

Pasta Zanmai just opened another outlet in Tropicana Mall. On a Sunday morning, Boy boy and I went there for a brunch before our movie The Avengers. 

This is my second time eating Pasta Zanmai. Boy boy ordered a clam spaghetti.

Lots of claims and thick creamy sauce with mushroom.

I ordered the signature salmon with spaghetti. Actually I like the original flavour, but I itchy hand went and pour the black sesame (which was served in another small bowl) into it and spoilt the taste. The black sesame taste was so overpowering the original taste. >.<

I still prefer the authentic Japanese food. But once in a while, I may try something different.

Pasta Zanmai, Tropicana City MallLot G-40, Ground FloorTropicana City MallNo. 3, Jalan SS20/2747400 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 03-7727 1020Opens Daily 10am-10pm

Tiny Ratings:
Food: 7/10
Service: 7/10
Ambiance: 7/10

Monday, June 25, 2012

Menya Musashi - Isetan One Utama

Anne strongly recommended Menya Musashi in Isetan One Utama for their Tokyo broth. I also mentioned to PY that this ramen shop is a must-try since she always jalan-jalan at One Utama. Both of them has very good reviews on the ramen. 

Since the Japanese chef is still around, Boy boy and I decided to try this shop out. We reach the Eat Paradise at One Utama around 11.40am and the Q was so long until the baby section. We waited around 20 minutes before we are ushered into the shop. 

We were seated at the side where both of us are facing the wall. The chair was fixed to the ground and is not adjustable, it was a bit far from the table. There is no leg rest for you. So the whole time, I was feeling very uncomfortable seating and eating. I hope they can improve on this. 

The menu is very simple, and you must read from the right ya. First, you choose soup base: White (original), Black (special oil of fried shallots and garlic) and Red (chilli oil). Secondly, you choose the amount of ingredients that you want: egg, 1 / 2 / 3 pieces of chashu. Thirdly, you choose the broth or tsukemen (thicker broth in another bowl). 

Kuro (black) Ajitama Ramen
As I am a garlic lover, I went with the black ramen. The chashu was indeed a big piece and it was very tender. The broth was thick but not so strong garlic taste. The ramen was thick and bouncy.

Aka (red) Musashi Ramen
Boyboy went with the red.

Gyoza was just so-so, nothing to shout about.

Both of us didn't finish the soup. >.<" we felt so bad because all other people took up their bowl and finish till the last drop! But we just couldn't bring ourselves to finish the soup wor. Anne said that we are not used to Tokyo broth perhaps.

The bill came up to RM71 for 2 person (2 bowls of ramen, 1 gyoza and 2 green tea). It was indeed a steep price to pay for a ramen. Despite the price, you may want to give this a try as it is Tokyo broth-based ramen made by a chef flown in from Tokyo.

Menya Musashi
2nd Floor Isetan 1Utama

Bandar UtamaTel: +603 7713 7777Dining Hours:Sun - Thu 11.00am - 10.00pm (last order 9.30pm)Fri, Sat & Public Holiday 11.00am - 10.30pm (last order 10.00pm)

Tiny Ratings:
Food: 7.5/10
Ambiance: 6/10
Service: 7/10

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ploy - Damansara Heights

Celebrated my birthday at Ploy. As the meal was treated by my gals, I don't have the receipt with me. Let me try to recall all the food we had that night. 

First, we ordered 3 cocktails to try. 

Pardon my Pandan

I really don't know how to drink alcohol, so I couldn't comment on the cocktails. But Emay said the tomyamtini was good. While the pink color cocktail (I have forgotten the name) tasted like medicine.

Me posing with the 3 cocktails
Pomelo salad
The pomelo salad was with a few pieces of duck meat. It was indeed an unique combination and it was refreshing.

Lotus roots chips
Lotus roots chips tasted like potato chips.

This salmon I can say is really awesome. The sauce and the mint just made a perfect salmon!
The squid was so tiny until we were wondering whether we are eating the coating or the squid. 
Lemongrass Chicken
The lemongrass chicken tasted just nice.

Bluecrab Ployzza
Our version of Ployzza came out like tuna-taste. I like the crusts, thin and crunchy. The toppings was ok, but after eating a few pieces, it got "jelak" after that.

Black squid ink spaghetti
I told them that the black squid ink thingy is a must-order in Ploy. So we tried this out. This is my first time eating something with black squid ink, so excited! The dish tasted like Aglio Olio despite the black color.

We saw a table beside us order something in cubes, and some sort of juice was poured into it. So we asked for the menu again and search for the item. We found it! Various taste of ice cube in combination with various juice. We ordered the Assam boi cube with apple juice. Me and Chean totally love it while Emay doesnt like it as she doesn't prefer sourish drink.

Assam cubes with apple juice

Some photos at the entrance.

No doubt is a great place to hang out with friends but the chairs are wooden chairs, not comfortable at all. But we managed to sit from 8pm-12am. LOL.

PLOY @ ClearwaterJalan Changkat SemantanDamansara heights
Tel: 03-20950999

Tiny ratings:
Ambiance: 6.5/10 (the chairs were un-comfy)
Food: 7/10
Service: 7.5/10

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Celebration of my unspeakable age

Didnt have much celebration on my birthday 2 weeks ago, just had a pre-birthday dinner with my parents at Jake's, brunch dim sum at Han Room The Gardens, a birthday dinner with Boyboy at Victoria's Station. A week later, I had a night out with my girlfriends. They gave me the option to choose a place to dine. I wanted a place that has cozy ambiance, good food and cocktails. I chose Ploy at Damansara Heights. More on Ploy in another post.

My gals planned to drunk me way before the dinner. But the thing is, is not that I don't want to be drunk, I just don't like alcohol drinks.
See my expression la when I took a sip, how to drunk like that?
My gals bought me a gift!

Gorgeous necklace and earrings set!
Emay helped me wear it on the spot
 After the dinner, they brought out my birthday cake. It's a Green Tea cake!

"why you taking my birthday cake!"

Thinking of what to wish

posing for Echean's camera
I think I could cut it
Group photo

Thanks my gals for celebrating with me, I had a blast night!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Portrait Photoshoot @ StarEast Bridal Sunway

I have been eyeing on the portrait photography deals on various group-buy websites, and when I saw this deal from Groupon, RM99 for 4 hrs photoshoot, includes hair and makeup, and 3 costumes provided by StarEast Bridal house, I bought the deal.

The moment I bought the deal, I called up StarEast to book a slot. However, the weekends were all full until the expiry date of the voucher. A bit frustrated, thinking that I have to take leave to attend the photoshoot. Few days later, it was announced that April 11 is the Coronation of the King, and it was declared a public holiday. I called up again and managed to get the date! So happy and excited!

I will talk about my experience with StarEast after all the photos. My package only includes 15 edited photos. Total 80 photos were shown to me and I managed to narrow it down to 40+ photos on the first round, and second round narrow to 30+. After that, I pulled Boy boy in to choose the photos and finally my 15 photos are chosen.

I only chose selected photos to be published in my blog:

What do you think of the photos?

Now, let me talk about my experience with StarEast. A long-winded one.

Before Photoshoot day:

-          I spoke to Grace when making my reservation, only the date was confirmed but not the time. 2 weeks before the photoshoot, I called up to enquire on the time, she told me that she could only provide me with the time 2 days before. I told her that I would prefer morning session (it was either 11am or 4pm session).

-          1 day before the photoshoot, no news from Grace, and I called up again. She told me it was 4pm. Ok fine. Then I asked her what should I bring, she told me to bring my own dresses just in case I does not like their dresses. Ok fine.  I asked further whether I should bring ampoules and eyelashes, she said can bring along to show the makeup artist. If these things are not suitable, then will have to purchase from them.

-     I was a bit angry after talking to her, she only told me all these things 1 day before the photoshoot. How am I supposed to prepare nice gowns  / dresses? Luckily being a makeup artist, I have ampoules and fake lashes. The only thing I can do is to pray that their gowns are nice, and the makeup artist accepts my ampoules and lashes, as I do not intend to top up any money.

Photoshoot Day:

-          The photoshoot day arrived. I was served by Jane, the makeup artist. She showed me an album of the gowns that I am allowed to choose. Much to my horror, it was either old fashioned cheongsam, Korean han bok, Japanese kimonos or the Western victorian styles. I asked whether do they have any dinner gowns, she said yes, but have to add on RM180 per gown. I was like WTF.

-          I didn’t add on anything. The red dress and the black dress you see above belong to mine.

-          I was ushered to the makeup room. Jane accepted my ampoule and fake lashes. She started working on my face.  Frankly speaking, I was very satisfied with her makeup as she made my eyes very big. LOL.

-          My photographer was Ah Kai. Before starting the photoshoot, we discussed about the theme that I want, my expectation and his expectation. The whole process he was quite funny.

Selection of photos Day:

-      When I browsed through the unedited photos, my expression was like “meh”. The photos were not impressive enough to impress me. However, I was satisfied with the outcome especially the poses with the black dress.

-      During my selection, another photographer came and complimented me that I am photogenic, he was trying to persuade me to get the whole CD of unedited photos for RM280. I, determined not to add any money, so I declined him.

-       If I was using their dinner gowns for photoshoot, I may consider purchasing the whole CD. The heck, I am using my own dresses ok, some more not the elegant nice gowns, those were just normal dresses and you ask me to top up money for the CD? I am not buying it.

Some hits and some misses for the photoshoot package. Some service I was satisfied, some service I was not. I was over the moon for my makeup but not over the moon for the photos. Nevertheless, it just cost me RM99, what more could I ask for?