Friday, March 23, 2012

Genting Day Trip - Strawberry Farm

Susee is back from UK for a month plus and we decided to go for a trip. At first, we planned to go to Bukit Tambun Waterpark and Penang trip, but somehow Susee's time was packed, so we did a day trip to Genting instead. Sort of like Cuti-cuti Malaysia. Hahahaa.

First, we stopped by Strawberry Farm.

With strawberry statue, welcoming us yo
strawberry fountain?
strawberry buggy
cut cut
so tempted to eat it
"let me choose a nice one"
strawberries hanging everywhere
compulsory group shot

look at susee's face!!!

After picking the strawberries, we went to mushroom farm.

mushroom cultivation
Do you love my orange BF blazer? 

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