Friday, March 23, 2012

Genting Day Trip - Strawberry Farm

Susee is back from UK for a month plus and we decided to go for a trip. At first, we planned to go to Bukit Tambun Waterpark and Penang trip, but somehow Susee's time was packed, so we did a day trip to Genting instead. Sort of like Cuti-cuti Malaysia. Hahahaa.

First, we stopped by Strawberry Farm.

With strawberry statue, welcoming us yo
strawberry fountain?
strawberry buggy
cut cut
so tempted to eat it
"let me choose a nice one"
strawberries hanging everywhere
compulsory group shot

look at susee's face!!!

After picking the strawberries, we went to mushroom farm.

mushroom cultivation
Do you love my orange BF blazer? 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Pizza Uno - Subang Jaya

Since the 5 of us are approaching the 'unspeakable' age, we decided to do a photoshoot together to capture the memory. Moreover, we have known each other since Form 1, and we want to celebrate our friendship. Who are the 5? Some of them has appeared in my blog recently. They are Susee (Indian friend who speaks to us in Cantonese, geng mou?), Emay, Echean and Shiling.

We engaged a photography, MinMohd Photography and the shooting was done at Putrajaya. I will post the edited photos in another post. After the shooting, all of us were very tired and sweaty and thirsty. We went to Pizza Uno in Taipan for lunch.
Me nerdy yo - one of our props

One more
A lot of people commented that I look like a teacher with this nerdy specs. What say you?

The gang (missing susee)

Italian Salad (RM16)

The salad is a standard dish.

Deep Fried Mushroom (RM16)

After the healthy salad dish, here comes the unhealthy deep fried mushroom. We must "balance" our diet, no? Kekekeke.


Ravioli (RM24)
Susee ordered the ravioli (when she went back to UK, she even cook ravioli herself). I took a piece and I think I am not a ravioli person. Not that I dont like the taste, I think ravioli is not my first and second choice when it comes to Italian food.

Bolognese (RM18)

My bolognese. Very rich in flavour and not too tomato-ish. I managed to finish the whole plate myself, or was I too hungry?

Boscaiola - Tomato (RM22)
White fish fillets (RM28)

Chean and I ordered Fruit Punch (RM6), others ordered Honey Lemon (RM6). We also ordered 4 scoops of ice cream for dessert (Single scoop ice cream (RM6)).

Pizza Uno
55, Jalan USJ 10/1A.
47620 Subang Jaya
Tel: 5635 0205

Tiny Ratings:
Food: 7/10
Service: 7/10
Ambiance: 7/10

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Makeup for Nik's Akad Nikah

My colleague Nik engaged me for her Akad Nikah makeup. At first I was hesitant when she first asked me as I am abit reluctant because I nevery do makeup for Malay before. Knowing my makeup skill is to enhance the features rather to cover up the whole face, I politely decline at first. After that, Nik assured me that she wants a natural makeup and not the heavy type, and I took up the job.

Went to her house early morning with PY. We could not attend her akad nikah ceremony because it was held in a mosque. So we just chat along during the makeup and breakfast session. I have seen a lot of brides, but first time seeing a bride that is so relax, but she told me that she looks relax but she is very nervous. Hahahaha.
Akad nikah hantaran for groom

for the bride

Rings yo!

Before - so innocent looking!!!


Such a beautiful bride. How's my makeup? I used Urban Decay Naked Palette for her eyeshadow, I used 4 colors on her eyes. I just enhances her features. Can't wait to attend her wedding dinner in April. Now I should start hunting for a nice dress for garden wedding.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Organic Recipe - Bandar Utama

Mom was craving for this organic vegetarian restaurant since she was introduced to it 2 weeks ago and Dad complimented this restaurant too. So, on a rainy Friday night, we drove again to this hidden gem in Bandar Utama. The restaurant is situated at the Lower Ground (B3) of an apartment and the restaurant area is quite big, divided into air con and al-freso dining.

They are doing good business despite a heavy downpour that day. You may park inside the apartment for RM5 (ample of visitor parkings) and the restaurant will deduct RM5 from you bill (sort of like the restaurant pay for our parking fees. I think one table can only claim one parking ticket though (not sure).

We proceeded to order the food based on the picture. Mom just wanted to eat the bittergout claypot, and she let me and Dad to choose the remaining dishes.
Poppiah Salad (RM7.90)
I feel like eating something green (which is very rare of me), so I ordered the popiah. When it was served, mom was disappointed as she thought it was fried popiah (pardon her as she didnt look at the menu picture). Nevertheless, we did give this a try. Dad finds the vegetables (i.e cabbage, cucumber, carrot, long bean) are too raw for his liking. To me, it was very good, best eaten together with the dipping sauce, slightly spicy.
Namyu Pot (RM11.90)
I ordered this Namyu Pot which I regretted after taking the first bite. The sauce has very strong namyu taste and slightly diluted. We find it hard to accept and just finish the ingredients rather than taking the sauce.
Claypot Bittergourd (RM10.90)
Claypot bittergourd was a standard dish. Nothing to shout about.
Gam Heong Shitake (RM12.90)

The only dish that dad remember since his last visit was this gam heong shitake, and he strongly recommended this. Indeed, it has strong flavour of gam heong (albeilt slightly oily) and I love this dish. I find myself keep on scooping the gam heong sauce to eat with the ingredients of the namyu pot. :-P  A recommended dish.

Heard that the restaurant is very packed during weekends, it is advisable to come early. Maybe you might want to try their cocktail too, it seems that every table order it, except us. Will be back to this restaurant if I feel like eating vege (imma not a vege person).

Organic Recipe
B3-09-11, Casa Utama
Lorong Lebuh Bandar Utama PJU 6A,
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 7729 0236

Tiny Ratings:
Food: 6.5 /10
Service: 7 /10
Ambiance: 7/10

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Wet Thai - Kayu Ara

We came back from Genting at night (we be blogging about Genting in my next post), and Emay recommended this new Thai restaurant in Kayu Ara. When I reached there, I notice is A Wet Thai, a name that is not unknown to my dictionary. My friends have good reviews on A Wet Thai in Puchong, and I was so eager to try it out.

The restaurant compound is big, divided into air-con and non-aircon area. We chose  to dine al-fresco. Our tired looking face:

Meang Kam (RM14)
Susee never try Meang Kam before, so we ordered it. Although I am not a fan of Meang Kam (was introduced to this dish by Nicole few years and I don't really fancy about), I can eat a few pieces of it. It was a refreshing dish with all the "raw materials" and sauce to go with the leaf. Susee loves it.

Thai Deep Fried Kang Kung (RM12)
We Chinese have fried kailan (and I love it), A Wet Thai has friend Kangkung! Sort of like tempura kangkung. It came with a dipping sauce that is made of a few ingredients, minty and spicy yo. The dish was not that oily despite that kangkung was deep-fried. I can't stop myself from eating this dish and even use my hands to take it (pardon me, my friends).

Tomyam Seafood soup (RM10)
We ordered a bowl of tomyam soup and it came in a big bowl, more than enough for 3 of us (we get to have 2 bowls each). It was filled with ingredients such as prawns, squid and mushrooms. It was sour and spicy, a very good combination.

Pandan Chicken (RM3 per piece)

Couldn't take a photo of the unwrapped chicken as I unwrapped the pandan leaves with my hands. This is a MUST-ORDER dish! The pandan chicken is not your usual pandan chicken that you have in other Thai restaurant. A Wet Thai's version has strong flavour and packed with aroma! Love it! Love it! Love it!

Thai style pumpkin steamed egg (RM8)

Lastly, we ordered pumpkin steamed egg to share among us. Honestly speaking, I find the flavour a bit weird, maybe I am not used to this type of taste. Would prefer my mom's steamed egg.

We had a great time dining there.  The tables outside was quite high though. For shorty like me and susee, we have to change to another type of chairs for us to eat comfortably. Nevertheless, I truly love this Thai restaurant and its affordable pricing.

A Wet Thai
Lot 13544, Jln Cempaka
Kampung Kayu Ara,
47400 Petaling Jaya

Tiny Ratings:
Food: 8/10 
Ambiance: 6/10
Service: 7.5/10