Saturday, January 14, 2012

Paradise Inn, 303 Somerset

Spent the whole day spring cleaning my room and ironing bucket of clothes. Very tired now but I still have the mood to blog. Went to Singapore to visit my bro and watched Wicked. It was awesome! 

Bro brought us to this Chinese restaurant in 313 Somerset. It was 7.30pm and we got a table, so lucky! My bro says that you have Q for food in Singapore, literally any restaurants. 

We were given a piece of paper and tick whatever we would like to order.

Hot Plate Tofu (SGD10.90)

The tofu was served in a sizzling plate and on top of a layer eggs. 

Crisp Fried Prawn Roll (SGD8.90)

This was similar to our lobak. It tasted so-so.

 Pork Bun + Pork Belly (SGD2.20 per piece)

 Close up on the pork belly (slurp!)

Eat with the bun!

The pork belly was well-marinated, slightly charred. The meat texture was well balance between the fats and the lean meat. 

Wasabi Prawn (SGD16.90)

My bro strongly recommended this and indeed, it was pretty unique and it taste really good! The wasabi taste was not strong, it was slightly tint of wasabi. The prawn was fresh and eaten together with the mango pieces, it was an excellent dish! I would eat 10 plates of this!

 Spare Ribs soup with winter melon (SGD17.90)

It seems that all the tables have a pot of soup, so my dad feels that it is a must to have the soup here. Yes, all 5 of us praised the soup. Very flavourful and not salty.

Stewed Egg Plant (SGD10.90)

This one was the least impressive dish of the night. 

I will beg my bro to bring me here whenever I come to SG. I just super duper love the wasabi prawns! Btw, the food overall was really good.

Paradise Inn

Tiny ratings:
Food: 7.5/10 (9 for the wasabi prawn)
Service: 6.5/10
Ambiance: 7/10

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