Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bali: Free n Easy at South Kuta

After the massage, our driver sent us to our next hotel located at South Kuta beach. Once we have checked in, we went to the beach. It was Sunday, as such the beach was full with locals.

#1 Look at the amount of people at the beach. No hot chicks. Boy boy was disappointed.

#2 Signature black sand in Kuta. (actually I just wanna show off my pedicure)

#3 We didnt go for the swim though. We just sat there and relax and watch sun set. And yet the sun set behind the clouds and not the sealine. >.<
We went for a restaurant nearby for western food dinner. I told Boy boy that I couldn't take Balinese food anymore, it is just not my taste. The dinning place was filled with foreigners. It took 1 hour for our food to be served. So freaking hungry. Well, the food was nothing to shout about.
The next day and our last day in Bali, it was free and easy. We had our breakfast in our hotel (which was freaking awesome), and started walking. Within 5 minutes, Boy boy's slippers gave up on him. So we went to a nearby shop to buy a slippers. It was just a normal pair of Japanese slippers and the fella priced it at approx RM60. Definately con the tourists 1!
But we had no choice as we had whole lot of walking today. We bargained until approx RM30, which we thought it was still overpriced. That fella asked Boy boy to give him his Nike slipper. Siao (crazy) la! Who on earth wanna give you the Nike slipper. It is not a trade-in ok.
So, we starting walking towards North. Bali is a tourist friendly place but not the roads. The side roads are filled with pot holes, uneven level etc. Make it so difficult to walk.
After some walking, we chose this spa place called Melasti Spa along the road since it was 50% off. Although the view is not as good as Ubud, but the place is definately cleaner and more aroma smell, which was relaxing.

#4 Satisfied customer

The spa here is slightly more expensive than Ubud. I just don't know whether to find the cheap cheap ones like what other people has found.
After that, we went into one of the mall to find some food. The lunch was not good (will blog about it in another post). So we decided to hunt for ice cream and this is what we found in the mall.

#5 Sitting in front of the Sour Sally shop.

#6 Definately very sour, tasty for Boy boy who loves to eat sour food.
After finished eating the ice cream and people watching for like 40 minutes. We walked to the back of the mall and discovered that there is actually a decent road along the beach that stretches quite far, from South to North.

#7 Again, no sunset.
So, we walked along the beach back to our hotel, like 30 minutes walk.
That ends our Bali trip.

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