Friday, November 25, 2011

Chicago Rib House - One Utama

Dad saw the opening promotion for Chicago Rib House on The Star. The promotion is get the 2nd full slab ribs at 50% off. That immediately drew his attention and determination to go this place located at One Utama shopping complex. Normally he is very reluctant to go to shopping complex at night due to the difficulty in finding a parking. Nevertheless, the advertisement has captured his attention.

I made a reservation in the afternoon and I strongly recommend you to do that as the restaurant was full at 7.30pm. Based on the decorations and pictures on the wall, you knew that it is a porky place. Sorry for my Muslim friends.

The special opening promotion includes RM3 Mojito.

We ordered potato skin (RM14.90) for 6 pieces. Boy boy could enjoy this as pork bacon is used (other potato skin uses beef). My parents love the taste of this potato skin albeit the not-so-crunchy skin. I benchmarked it against Jakes' potato skin and I could say that Jakes still serves the best potato skin.

Chicago Rib House version was not bad either, it has the cheese aroma and the pork bacon added flavour to it. The dipping sauce was good too.

Dad ordered banana milkshake (RM9). Very thick and very sweet. My sis would love it.

We ordered a full slab pork ribs with bourbon sauce (RM59) with fries and coleslaw. The ribs are huge and tender. My dad kept on saying that the sauce was not strong enough. My mom and I did taste the sauce and love it. The meat fell off the bone easily. The coleslaw portion was too small.

Another full slab pork ribs original sauce (RM53 less 50% = RM25). Dad preferred this version. However, the meat was not as tender as the previous ribs.

My parents and Boy boy enjoyed the dinner very much especially my dad. He said that he definitely will come back and try out other dishes and he will bring my sis and bro along too. I would prefer this restaurant as well compared to Chillis where the Q is always freaking long in One Utama.

The only downside was the service. We asked the waiter to pack the bones, he took it and never came back. So, no bones for my dogs. We asked to change a fork (as it was dirty) and it took him 10 minutes to come back with the fork. We asked for bill, and took them another 10 minutes to bring the bill. However, it is forgivable as they just opened the restaurant and needed time to suit themselves.

Tiny ratings:
Price: 7/10
Service: 5/10
Food: 8/10

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maro^gal said...

hahaa then where the bones gone in the end? ... probably the waiter took it to kitchen ask them to pack.. they tot is rubbish n thrown away.. lolz