Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bali: Tegallalang and Bebek Bengil

After the disappointment at Kintamani, we went to Tegallalang rice terrace. Mr Made dropped us off at a secluded area and he brought us to walk a narrow path and there we were, gorgeous rice terrace. Love the greens!


See, no crowd! Because it is a secret place that Mr Made has discovered himself!


We took our time and take lots of pictures. The disadvantage is that the path is really small, so we have to be careful while taking the photos and get a good angle.


When you are in Bali, engage Mr Made and you will get this private Tegallalang view!


After the secret path, we moved further and there you see, another rice terrace which is a tourist spot, full of people, full of cars and no parking. The following picture was taken when we were in the car passing the place. Not much differences from Mr Made's secret path, right?


That was the end of our sight seeing trip. Mr Made sent us back to our hotel. After resting for awhile, we took the shuttle from the hotel to ubud town and search for Bebek Bengil Dirty Duck diner, a very famous restaurant in Ubud.

We ordered Nasi Campur Bebek and one half-duck rice. I think I am not use to Balinese nasi campur as I found myself not finishing all the side dishes. The flavour was just not my taste.


However, the crispy duck was absolutely spot on. The small bones were really crispy and crunchy. For boy boy who loves to eat bones, he enjoyed the duck very much. And for me, after trying the first small bone, it was unstoppable, I kept on finding small bones and eat. Very very addictive.


Very dark lighting. So have to use flash. May I say, it was romantic too because of the environment? (but got mosquitoes bite me lor).


Well, the dinner was not cheap (approximately RM70 for 2) but I would say it was very worth it. You could not get a more crispier duck in Malaysia. This dirty duck would be signature meal in Ubud. Love it to bits!

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Lawrence said...

Hi, Ur tour guide is Mr Made as well. He is a nice person and you are lucky that he bring you to nice view. Last time I went and it was raining season and many places are need to cancel.