Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fried porridge @ Tian Pin

this is the 1st time i am eating fried porridge. when it was served, i already can smell the fragrant emitted by the claypot porridge itself. it is golden brown with dry sotong, pork lard, chicken pieces.

i find that it is very flavourful. i actually like it but boy boy said so-so only. well, i might need to try out other version of fried porridge to get my benchmark.

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Twin Flames Closet @ KL Bazaar

Would like to share some photos with you on Twin Flames Closet's participation in the recent Ramadan Bazaar, The KL Bazaar Trilogy at Solaris Mont Kiara. It was a cool day, rainy morning and strong wind whole day.

The crowd was pretty good that day. Hope one day I can meet my readers there too!

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar, Vivocity

Opps, I know I have been lagging for quite some time. See, I have loaded pictures into my blogspot but yet lazy to blog about. Apologies to my readers.

Let me continue from my Singapore adventure. After dinner at Soup Spoon, my bro brought me to Max Brenner Chocolate Bar at VivoCity. We just ordered their famous Chocolate Souffle. Around SGD14 I think.

I remember when I watch Master Chef series, one of the competition was to make souffle and the judges said that souffle must served within 20 seconds (I forgotten the exact timing) after taking it out from the oven. If not, the top part will fall off. So, after this souffle was served on my table, I quickly took 2 photos and dug into it.


The molten chocolate did not flow out, but was rich and thick and sticky within the cake. Honestly speaking, I have not tried souffle before, so I has nothing to benchmark against. But to me, it was very very delicious. The cake was warm and moist and the chocolate was heaven! Nothing compare to the normal chocolate that I have eaten before.


Be warned that it is extremely chocolatety. If you are not a chocolate lover, please share this with another friend or friends. But I think my sis will love this to the max.


Max Brenner
#01-116, VivoCity
1 Harbour Front Walk, Singapore

Tiny Ratings:
Food: 8/10
Ambiance: 6/10
Service: 6.5/10

The Soup Spoon

Brother introduced me Soup Spoon. You guess it right, it is a restaurant famous for its soup. Since it was still early, around 6.15pm, we need not to Q up, we just managed to find one. After finding a table, you need to go to the counter to order your food.

Mushroom soup. Very big bowl and rich in texture. Not as thick as Marche per se, but rich enough for a mushroom soup lover. Lots of mushroom in it and you can finish one bowl by yourselves. It comes with a bun for you to dip in. A very good recommendation indeed by brother.


We ordered a Beef Goulash. Now, not many restaurant serves delicious beef goulash, and this version just does not meet my expectation. Very tomato-ish, I dislike. Lots of beef chunks though.


Chicken Tikka. It came as a set with the soup. Alternatively, you may choose Caesar Salad or Tuna Sandwich (if I am not mistaken). This chicken marinated with some curry powder and wrapped with the pita bread. The bread was soggy and chicken tasted weird. Something that me and my bro could not finish.


The Soup Spoon
#02-43, Vivocity, Singapore.

Tiny Ratings:
Food: 5/10 (8 for the mushroom soup)
Ambiance: 4/10
Service: 5/10