Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Singapore Trip

I bought AirAsia zero to Singapore last December, and finally 1st July has arrived. Stayed at my bro's place for 2 nights. Didn't buy much clothing as I have spent a lot of money in Bangkok in June.

We went for Lion King musical on Saturday at Marina Bay Sands. The first time we watched Lion King was in Australia years ago and we were seated at the second tier, which was very far from the stage. So this time, we (actually was a my brother's treat) managed to buy the bottom tier and 10th row from the stage, eye-level to the stage. We saw clearly all the actors/actress expressions.


They have included some local (Singapore) conversation in the musical. You gotta watch it yourselves. I love the young Nala (the girl is so talented! and her voice was amazing!), Zazu the Hornbill, Timon the meerkat and Pumba the warthog. They were so entertaining! Love their stage presence.


Both of us enjoyed the show, the characters, the songs, everything was perfect. The only complain was the was a bit small, the 'animals' were cramped on the stage. If the giraffes are on the stage, the elephants would be missing and vice-versa.

I would strongly recommend you guys to watch it! no regrets!

After the show, we walked around the area to take some photos. Oh, we went into the casino too! but we didnt gamble lar. My bro asked me to try my first timer luck and he wanna sponsored me SD100. But I didnt wanna waste his hard-earn money. :)




We walked back using the bridge.





That was all my sight seeing in Singapore (**gasp!**) in such a short trip. Of course we did went to some makan-makan places, will upload the posts soon.

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