Friday, May 20, 2011

Tao Japanese Buffet - Sunway Giza

Is the time of the year again! Getting younger by another year! woo hoo! Let's see what I wore on my big day. I bought the dress online, what do you think? Not to forget the owl necklace that I bought from my neighbour booth during a bazaar. It is good to be in the fashion business where you get to meet different people. I totally love Kim's collection of accessories with affordable pricing too. She is very friendly, and I have met her few times in bazaars.


Boy boy and I celebrated my birthday at Tao Japanese Buffet. It was my second time there. They are having promotion for May babies - 50% off!



A foreign lady came and took our orders, her English was a bit difficult to understand. I asked about the Top 10 items and I thought she will explain her Top 10 items to me, but she just asked whether do we prefer lamb or beef. She took our order for drinks and walked off. So I dont know whether she put our order for Top 10 or not. She didnt even explain to me what is the Top 10.



The above are the Top 10 items. I slightly regretted that why I didnt insist her to describe the Top 10, because I do not eat grilled salmon, bamboo clam and oyster. So it was a waste. My all time favourite would be the first 2 items: scallop and abalone slices. I ate like 8 pieces of the scallops, hehe, you must eat it while it is hot. I like the prawns (last row left) and the popia-thingy (third row right). Other than that, it was so-so. The chicken not worth ordering.

While we were resting our stomach, suddenly the waiter came and put 4 dishes on our table. I was shocked (bearing in mind that I didnt really count the 10 items ya), because I thought I have ate 10 items. I asked, "top 10 ar?". He said yes.


While we were eating the above, I switched on my camera and count the dishes. The above four was definately not ordered by us lor. The tempura was not good, dont order. But the abolone soup was really nice and rich.

We had some sashimi from the counter. We didnt try the tepanyaki coz it was not good when the first time I had it. We were quite full. Actually I was quite mad when they served us the 'extra' 4 items lor. I didnt get the chance to try out something that I want.

When we finished the ice cream, Boy boy suddenly said, "here no line wor, my dealer called me, I go out return call first". Then I said ok. While waiting for him, suddenly it strike my mind whether is he gonna propose to me. Maybe he has gone to his car to take the flowers and ring. Then my heartbeat started to increase. OMG OMG OMG, what should I react if he propose? I panic.

10 minutes later, he came back ..... empty hand. surprise proposal.


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Jessica Lew said...

That was funny.. Maybe you should give him more hints..