Friday, May 27, 2011

Chyniis - SS Two Mall

I decided to treat my family to a Chinese cuisine on my birthday. I have chosen Chyniis after reading numerous good reviews. Apparently its chef came from GreenView, who is famous for Sang Har Mien as well. I do not find GreenView sang har mien any spectacular, but I wanted to try out this Chyniis version since some of the reviews said it is better than GV.

The restaurant is quite high class, almost like a hotel standard Chinese restaurant. Very nice lighting, seating arrangement is well-spaced. The waiter and waitress are courteous.

Crispy Pork Belly with Cuttlefish (RM24). Well, you can only see the cuttlefish staggering in this pictures. The pork belly slices were at the bottom. The cuttlefish was coated with some sticky sauce, the texture was good but there is a slight fishy taste. The pork belly was crispy, it is like eating fried bacon, which I like.


Chyniis Sang Har Mee (6.5x100g@RM15 = RM97.50). We ordered 3 big prawns with 3 portion mee, which obviously was too much for the 5 of us. All of us enjoyed this dish. Obviously, it was better than GV. The prawns were very fresh and the sauce was nicely done and flavourful. Next time, I will come to just eat this sang har mee.


Steamed Talapia with plum sauce (14x100g@4.50 = RM63). My dad enjoyed the fried bone part, he ate it alot until too full to eat the fillet. The plum sauce was sweet and mix well with the fish.


Hot and Spicy Chilli Indo Crab (1.35kg@70 = RM94.50). This was one of their signature dish. I have high expectation on this but it let me down. The sauce was not as thick as King Crab. It was slightly on the sourish side. We have no complain on the size of the crab coz it has a lot of meat.


House Special Handmade Bun (RM1 per piece). The fried mantao was very crispy. Love the outer texture which was crispy but inner texture harder than King Crab. Hm... I am in a dilemma here, which one is better? Well, both have its own merits. I love both!


Tidbits (Prawn) @ RM6 per plate, Jasmine tea @ RM2.50 per pax, rice @ RM2.30 per bowl, service tax @ 10% but no government tax. Waiters were very attentive, they poured tea (not even once we had to refill ourselves), changed our plates even we didnt ask them. Very good service.

The only thing I wanted to complain is that the captain who took our order was not professional in handling orders. He dont advise us whether the food we order is too much. As long as you keep ordering, he will keep on writing down the orders. I know you are trying to get more business for the restaurant, but please do it professionally. In my opinion, a good captain is able to advise you accordingly the portion that you order i.e choose the right size of fish, choose the right amount of crab etc. The food that night was really too much until we tabao almost 3/4 of the fish.

Overall, this is a nice place to have Chinese food. Price is reasonable IF you do not order any seafood or fish.

G45, 46, 47, SS Two Mall,
40, Jalan SS2/72,
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 7956 7288

Tiny Ratings:
Food: 8/10
Service: 8.5/10
Ambiance: 8.5/10

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