Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Secret of Louisiana - Plaza Kelana Jaya

I remember there are a few outlets in Plaza Kelana Jaya that I have yet to try. So Boy Boy and I went there on a Sunday night 8pm. The Secret of Louisiana has lots of tables (more than 20) arranged outside its restaurant and beside the lake. Nicely canopied.

I know that this restaurant was always full house, but that time the tables were half full, so we tried our luck and asked the waiter whether there is a table for 2 of us. He said the front area is all reserved, but there are some tables at the back. So we said ok.

The light in that area was very dim. I hate dim ambiance as I cant see things (ya, I am exaggerating). Boy boy said "romantic muh". I said no, if romantic then ask them to lit up a candle then mai romantic lor. As if the the waiter can read my mind, he quickly switch on the lights. :P

We decided to order appetizer, soup, main course and dessert for sharing. The service was prompt and the waiters were all very polite.

Fresh and wild mushroom soup (RM13.90). Very creamy and found a few pieces of button mushroom in it, other mushrooms were all blended together. I dont think the bread is garlic bread, coz it has no garlic taste, I assumed it was just a normal butter bread, nothing special, not crunchy enough.


Garlic Cheese Baked Escargot (RM20.90). There was 6 pieces of it. I don't quite like the cheese on top as it was geared towards Carbonara taste and the cheese was not burned enough. I am benchmarking these escargot with The Ship or Victoria's version ya. Not garlic-ky enough. Very 'jelak' after eating the cheese.


Rack of Lamb (RM42.90). The lamb was cook to just nice, very tender and not the chewy type. Boy boy just use his hand and took a rack to eat. Taste was good.

Louisiana's Mud Pie (RM16.90). When I see the word 'Mud Pie', I quickly ordered this as I have been missing Chillis' Mud Pie (I dont know why they dont serve it anymore). Again, I benchmark this against Chillis. Louisiana's version is no where near Chillis' mud pie, it looks like a chocolate brownie with ice cream, that's it. Not that it was not good, it was delicious for a brownie. But I was just disappointed with the name.

View beside the lake.


Will bring my family (especially my bro when he is back) to this place to try out other dishes.

The Secret of Louisiana
Plaza Kelana Jaya
Block D-01-01, Jalan SS7/13A
Tel: 03-7875 5230

Tiny Ratings:
Food: 7/10
Ambiance: 7/10
Service: 7.5/10

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