Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Minmax - PNB Darby Park

What do you think of dim sum without pork? Well, it is halal dim sum served in Minmax. Decided to give it a try since there are some good reviews on it and near to by office too. It was the week after the CNY finishes and we decided to go there.

I know it would be packed during lunch time, so I called and tried to make a reservation. The guy who picked up my phone was very rude, he kept on saying that he couldnt hear me even I am shouting to my phone. He said no need reservation for 3 people, just walk in will do.

So we went there, the restaurant was very crowded. The guy who attended to us was the same guy who picked up my call (I can recognise his voice). He asked us to wait around 30 minutes for table and asked why we didnt make reservation. When I wanted to fire him back, AL took the lead and said that he was the one who didnt let us make a reservation. His attitude was very bad. PY and AL keep on talking back to him. I just kept quiet because I know if I were to open my mouth and complain, the restaurant and hear my voice.

We waited outside and true enough, we were seated 30 minutes later. A captain (another captain-level guy) gave us a dim sum menu and he was waiting for us to order. We told him that we will take a look at the menu first. He walked off. Before we came, Annie told me that we have to order the fried teochew mee but we couldnt see it in the menu. We called the captain to gave us another menu, he 'black' his face, walked to the counter, took the menu, and slammed it on our table, "PAKKK!". What the hell! This restaurant is really testing my patience.

We kept our calm and ordered a fried mee and some dim sums. It took quite awhile for them to serve. This was our fried mee. It was not oily and the taste was just right.

This fried beancurd thingy was a failure. The sauce (pepperish sauce) does not even match the bean curd. For a pepper person like me, the sauce to me was very weird. I wonder how they come out with such combination.

We ordered prawn dumplings, siu mai and fu chuk. All three dishes were nicely done. Siu Mai without pork was good as well. The prawn dumplings have big chunks of prawns in it. The steamed fu chuk was very good as well.

Fried prawn fu chuk. Another good fried stuff, but a bit oily.

Loh Mai Kai (Chicken glutinous rice). Very soft and the taste was good.

That day, the restaurant has a few tables booked for some tour buses that fetches the youngsters. We suspected it is from some outskirt area college students coz the way they dressed was out of the world and it is not even fashion (what fashion to talk about when we can obviously see your whole bra from the side). Despite that, they were extremely noisy! Until the a lady beside our table told the owner (I assumed she is the owner coz she was not in uniform but collecting money) to asked these immature kids to keep quiet because they are annoying.

Well, I can say I enjoy the food, but with this type of service that this restaurant gave me, I would not return there again. I can find elsewhere that serve much better dim sums. Oh, did I mentioned that the dim sum price starting from RM3.90 and above? Still dare to charge me service tax some more!

MinMax Restaurant

PNB Darby Park
Jalan Binjal
50450 Kuala Lumpur

Tiny Ratings:
Deliciousness: 6/10
Ambiance: 3/10
Service: 1/10 (sux big time! can I rate a zero?)

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