Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chic King - Tropicana Mall

Let me write a short post during my lunch time. Before we went for movie, we tried the newly open outlet Chic King in Tropicana City Mall. The restaurant was quite empty at 8.30pm. Basically the food is very similar to KFC, it has original / spicy chicken, chicken strips, chicken burger and some other things that I didnt really remember.
I ordered meal #1 that consists of 2 pieces of chicken, 1 coleslaw, 1 mash potato and 1 drink. Around RM9.50 I think. Boy boy ordered meal #3 that consists of 1 piece chicken, 3 pieces chicken strips, 1 rice and 1 drink.
The rice was tasteless, not nice lor. Beriyani-rice / Arab-rice look alike but taste nothing near the former 2 rice. Mash potato was good. Coleslaw was normal, I dont know why it tasted sour towards the bottom part.

Spicy chicken and chicken strips.

The fried chicken was ok, nothing spectacular and nothing bad. Let me assure you that Chic King chicken is definately better than Popeyes Louisiana chichen. The portion was small though, I dont think a big eater can get full after eating.
Another thing I dont like is that they do not have fork and knife, not even the plastic ones. I hate eating stuffs using my hands, except crabs and prawns. All their things are paper, I think they are lazy to wash the plates.
Tiny Ratings:
Deliciousness: 5/10
Service: 6/10
Ambience: 5/10

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