Thursday, February 17, 2011

Skewers - Subang Avenue

Found a new hangout place in Subang Avenue and decided to try it out with Suyin and Nikky.

Boy boy and I reached there first. As we were hungry, we ordered Combo 1 for sharing. It came with a bowl of mashed potato and salad. When they served the mashed potato, we were shocked at the amount they gave. I think it was 5 scoop of mashed potato! Love it to bits, flavourful and have some soft pieces of potato for you to chew. Boy boy liked it too! On the other hand, the salad didn't fare really that night, I think they put too much vinegar and it was really sour.

Combo 1 (RM50) consists of chicken wings, grilled chicken skewers and minty lamb skewers.

The grilled chicken was tender but the flavour was so-so only. The minty lamb was tender too and it was tasty. Grilled chicken wings were so-so too.

When Nikky and Suyin arrived, they ordered Combo 2 (RM50) that consists of salted egg prawns, grilled prawns and grilled chicken.
I was quite skeptical when Suyin wanna ordered the salted eggs prawns as I have read a lot of bloggers saying super salty. But we tried anyway. The prawns were big pieces and it was not salty as what other bloggers said. Maybe they have reduce the salt content after reading so many comments? The coating were crunchy and it went really well as a whole.

Maybe you are wondering why I didn't try the burger, which they are famous for? coz boy boy does not take beef, so I can't order it. Definitely can't finish the portion myself. Maybe I will invite my girlfriends to come here for dinner and drinks next time. They have beef and cocktails too!

SG-01, Subang Avenue
Tel: 03 - 5632 1368

Tiny Ratings:
Deliciousness: 6/10
Service: 7/10
Ambience: 4/10 (I still dislike breathing in second hand smoke, super pantang!)

(Why can't someone create a pub with smoking and non-smoking area? I like your food but I don't like to visit because I don't wanna get lung cancer!)

* photos taken with Ipod Touch *

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