Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ocean Park - Hong Kong

I have been to Ocean Park when I was young, around 12 yo maybe. And I am back here again! We took MTR to Central and take a bus from there. Not to worry about the bus schedule as they have lots of buses available from the station. Be there early though because the Q was freaking long at 10am.

We reached Ocean Park at 10am and the ticketing counter was empty., no Q. What a surprise. The ticket is priced at HKD250 for adult. They are currently having 10% discount on Hong Kong Attractions Fun Deals (From now until 31 December 2011, you can enjoy special discounts to visit the five major Hong Kong attractions - Ngong Ping 360, Hong Kong Wetland Park, Ocean Park, Madame Tussauds Hong Kong and The Peak Tram). Since we visited Madam Tussaud the night before, we get to have the 10% discount when we showed them the tickets.

Dad have planned our itinerary for Ocean Park before we come to Hong Kong. Ocean Park has lots of shows, feeding sessions, rides and education session. It would be best that you surf their website for all the time table then you plan accordingly which area you should go first to save time.

It was a Friday that day and the visitors were not many and I guessed most people will opt for Disneyland instead, so we don't need to Q up long for all the rides and we have lots of options for the seatings for shows. A piece of advise, please be at least 15 minutes early prior to showtime to get a good seat.

The panda feeding session was at 10am, we rushed ourselves to Panda Area first.


This is red panda. I thought it was a raccoon.

Panda eating bamboo.

They said this is a fossil wor.

We took a waterfront express train up to the second tier where all the adventurous rides are there. There is nothing to see inside the train, you can choose to take the cable car instead.

We took the cable car when we are coming down.

The dolphin show was the best among all other rides / shows. Love the dolphins and sea lions to bits! I recorded lots of their action.


After taking this turning round ride, I started to get dizzy.

Took the most adventurous roller coaster in Ocean Park that has 3 loops. During the second loop I felt like vomiting already. Sigh, getting older liao, this things I dont think I can endure it anymore. Whole noon feeling nausea.

Took cable car down to the first tier.

Went to another Panda area that houses 2 quite old panda that China gave Hong Kong as gifts when they taken back Hong Kong.

Bird show. Nothing to shout about. Our Malaysia bird show is much nicer. Don't expect parrots cycling or do tricks because they don't have. The birds here just fly here fly there only. Quite disappointed with this.


Bye bye Ocean Park, will bring my children to come here next time!

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