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Frangipani - Changkat Bukit Bintang

We went to a fine dinning restaurant last December to celebrate my bro's achievement. When he suggested fine dining, I immediately went and google search some restaurants. Apparently that there are some Japanese-western fine dining, Chinese fine dining besides the conventional French fine dining.

During my 21st birthday, we celebrated in one of the oldest french fine dining restaurant in KL -- Chalet in Hotel Equtorial. So this time, we wanted to try somewhere different. I tried to book Sage in The Gardens, but it was close on 1 Jan 2011.

My dad wanted the French version and he saw Frangipani's had some good reviews. So we went. There was some parking space in front of the restaurant, which is good for area like Changkat Bukit Bintang. The jockey parking was RM10.

Once you stepped inside the restaurant, you will immediately feel a class above. The ambience was very cozy, dim lightings (which make photography difficult), and there was ample space between each table.


Complementary bread roll with butter spread. The funny thing was my bro kept on saying eat more bread to fill up the stomach because fine dinning portions are small. So he refill 3 rounds of bread (I think), when it reaches the main course, he was almost full. Hehe. Our stomach has no more space for dessert. The butter spread was so-so, but the bread was fresh and has a crispy skin.


Complimentary starter. I do not know what was this, but it came in a small cup with some thin spaghetti in it and some sauce. It tasted like maggi mee seasoning (no offense to the chef, but this is just my opinion). But my mom liked it though.


Amuse Bouche. The outer layer bread was crispy with some spread in it. The whole thing worked really well together. It tasted quite delicious. I sort of raise my expectation for the following meals after tasting this.


The offers 3 course meal (first course, second course and main course) at RM160 (if I am not mistaken). Each course has several items to choose from. But be careful that you read the whole description correctly because 2/3 of the meals have additional fees, ranging from RM15 - RM45.

Since there was 5 of us, we tried to order some variety for our courses but we dont fancy certain items, so we may have repeated some of the courses.

First Course

Crab and prawn bisque with crab quenelles, prawns poached in beurre noisette and a trail of Italian lemon oil. Dad ordered this and he said it was good, rich and creamy.


Pan roasted porcini powder dusted Hokkaido scallop with half cooked potato sliced, seared porcini mushrooms and white gazpacho vinaigrette. My sis and I ordered this for additional RM10/RM20 (I have forgotten). The scallop was freaking huge! The biggest scallop that I have eaten so far. It was succulent and the marination was so perfect. Matched with the seared porcini mushroom at the bottom, it tasted delicious! Love this!


Second Course

Grilled basil garlic infused snails with sweet pea puree, dried tomato glaze and garlic peanut crumble. Escargots were nice and I wished that I have ordered this instead of the salmon that I ordered.


Deep fried spice dusted soft shell crab with white bouillabaisse sauce, tomato reduction, chickpea aïoli and saffron foam. Sis ordered this and I took a piece of it. The soft shell crab was crispy, eaten together with the sauce, it was unique combination of taste I can say. Quite good.


Roast pigeon breast with its raviolo of confit quail leg in sage beurre noisette and a trail of maraschino cherry sauce. My bro said this dish has the strong 'pigeon' smell. It was tender though, but I cant tolerate the smell. The dumpling thingy on the right was nice.


Warm tea smoked salmon with confit potatoes crème fraîche and salmon roe. When this dish arrived, I immediately smell the fishy smell from the salmon. Mind you, I do take salmon sashimi ok. But this I couldn't tolerate too. The smoked salmon came in a very big piece, but I couldnt force myself to finish it, I pushed it to my dad.


Complimentary sorbet. I super like this!


Main Course

Pan roasted, duck prosciutto wrapped grain fed tenderloin topped with pan seared foie gras and served with wilted spinach and truffle glazee. This has the additional RM45 price tag, if I am not mistaken. We wanted to try the foie gras strudel that everyone was raving about, but it was not available that day.

Dad's dish has a tiny piece of foie gras on top and he gave us one small piece to try. I can say I dont quite like it, it tasted like oil thingy. Good, then I don't need to crave for foie gras, you know what, the way the people (not the restaurant) prepare the goose was really cruel? Kindly google search then you will know.

Tenderloin was nice.


Pan roasted duck confit with mustard cream and mashed potato on a crisp potato couronne. The meat was really tender.


Grilled Wagyu beef cheek with braised red cabbage, mole sauce and pumpkin dauphines. When I see the word Wagyu beef, I ordered this. I have tried Kobe beef in Japan (Super love it!), but yet to try wagyu beef, I can imagine wagyu should be melt in the mouth kind of tenderness.

When I first took in this wagyu beef cheek, I got shocked because this was so tender until it tasted like a chunk of fats in your mouth, slimey thingy moving inside your mouth. Oh gosh! I can't accept it. The texture was a really big problem to me. It was like I am eating beef, not beef. The marination was really nice but the beef cheek ..... I just cant accept the texture. This is strictly personal opinion. Can't they just use wagyu beef meat instead of the cheek? I just forcefully ate half the portion. Like the pumpkin dauphine though.

My mom also left half a plate of the cheek. When the waiter came and collect our plate, she asked whether is something wrong with it, my mom just said we were just full.


Well, the bill came out to almost reaching the 4 digit amount. Half of the courses were not up to our taste. Guess we are not suited with french fine dinning (But we didn't encounter the same problem in Chalet). Maybe next time I will opt for the Japanese-Western fine dinning.

Tiny Ratings:
Deliciousness: 7/10
Service: 9/10
Ambience: 9/10

Frangipani Restaurant & Bar
25 Changkat Bukit Bintang
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 2144 3001
(Opens Tuesday to Sunday 7.30pm)

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