Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ocean Park - Hong Kong

I have been to Ocean Park when I was young, around 12 yo maybe. And I am back here again! We took MTR to Central and take a bus from there. Not to worry about the bus schedule as they have lots of buses available from the station. Be there early though because the Q was freaking long at 10am.

We reached Ocean Park at 10am and the ticketing counter was empty., no Q. What a surprise. The ticket is priced at HKD250 for adult. They are currently having 10% discount on Hong Kong Attractions Fun Deals (From now until 31 December 2011, you can enjoy special discounts to visit the five major Hong Kong attractions - Ngong Ping 360, Hong Kong Wetland Park, Ocean Park, Madame Tussauds Hong Kong and The Peak Tram). Since we visited Madam Tussaud the night before, we get to have the 10% discount when we showed them the tickets.

Dad have planned our itinerary for Ocean Park before we come to Hong Kong. Ocean Park has lots of shows, feeding sessions, rides and education session. It would be best that you surf their website for all the time table then you plan accordingly which area you should go first to save time.

It was a Friday that day and the visitors were not many and I guessed most people will opt for Disneyland instead, so we don't need to Q up long for all the rides and we have lots of options for the seatings for shows. A piece of advise, please be at least 15 minutes early prior to showtime to get a good seat.

The panda feeding session was at 10am, we rushed ourselves to Panda Area first.


This is red panda. I thought it was a raccoon.

Panda eating bamboo.

They said this is a fossil wor.

We took a waterfront express train up to the second tier where all the adventurous rides are there. There is nothing to see inside the train, you can choose to take the cable car instead.

We took the cable car when we are coming down.

The dolphin show was the best among all other rides / shows. Love the dolphins and sea lions to bits! I recorded lots of their action.


After taking this turning round ride, I started to get dizzy.

Took the most adventurous roller coaster in Ocean Park that has 3 loops. During the second loop I felt like vomiting already. Sigh, getting older liao, this things I dont think I can endure it anymore. Whole noon feeling nausea.

Took cable car down to the first tier.

Went to another Panda area that houses 2 quite old panda that China gave Hong Kong as gifts when they taken back Hong Kong.

Bird show. Nothing to shout about. Our Malaysia bird show is much nicer. Don't expect parrots cycling or do tricks because they don't have. The birds here just fly here fly there only. Quite disappointed with this.


Bye bye Ocean Park, will bring my children to come here next time!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Skewers - Subang Avenue

Found a new hangout place in Subang Avenue and decided to try it out with Suyin and Nikky.

Boy boy and I reached there first. As we were hungry, we ordered Combo 1 for sharing. It came with a bowl of mashed potato and salad. When they served the mashed potato, we were shocked at the amount they gave. I think it was 5 scoop of mashed potato! Love it to bits, flavourful and have some soft pieces of potato for you to chew. Boy boy liked it too! On the other hand, the salad didn't fare really that night, I think they put too much vinegar and it was really sour.

Combo 1 (RM50) consists of chicken wings, grilled chicken skewers and minty lamb skewers.

The grilled chicken was tender but the flavour was so-so only. The minty lamb was tender too and it was tasty. Grilled chicken wings were so-so too.

When Nikky and Suyin arrived, they ordered Combo 2 (RM50) that consists of salted egg prawns, grilled prawns and grilled chicken.
I was quite skeptical when Suyin wanna ordered the salted eggs prawns as I have read a lot of bloggers saying super salty. But we tried anyway. The prawns were big pieces and it was not salty as what other bloggers said. Maybe they have reduce the salt content after reading so many comments? The coating were crunchy and it went really well as a whole.

Maybe you are wondering why I didn't try the burger, which they are famous for? coz boy boy does not take beef, so I can't order it. Definitely can't finish the portion myself. Maybe I will invite my girlfriends to come here for dinner and drinks next time. They have beef and cocktails too!

SG-01, Subang Avenue
Tel: 03 - 5632 1368

Tiny Ratings:
Deliciousness: 6/10
Service: 7/10
Ambience: 4/10 (I still dislike breathing in second hand smoke, super pantang!)

(Why can't someone create a pub with smoking and non-smoking area? I like your food but I don't like to visit because I don't wanna get lung cancer!)

* photos taken with Ipod Touch *

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nikudo Seafood - SS2

Boy boy received flyers on this new restaurant located at SS2, so we went and tried it. It's signature food are grilled seafood and its hand made balls. We saw other tables eating crabs and seafood, but we opt for the noodles instead.

Sea Prawn Dry Noodles (RM9.90). The noodles came with 2 medium sized prawns and 3 cuttlefish balls (they have a few options of the types of balls you can choose). The noodles were good but the homemade sauce was too much, I dont quite like watery sauce for my dry noodles. The cuttlefish balls have no fishy smell.

Traditional Tread Fish Head Mee Hoon Soup (RM15). They only have the fried fish version for fish head noodle. I scooped some soup from boy boy, the soup was not as good as the Fish Head Noodle in Kota Damansara, but was decent enough.
Complimentary balls. I was surprised that they gave every table a bowl of complimentary balls that day. 2 of us got 6 balls while the table of 4 beside got 12 pieces, which was very generous of the restaurant. Who doesn't like free stuffs? The staff came and explained that all the balls have no preservative or colouring and all handmade. Boy boy said the balls were not springy enough, but to me, it was ok.
Grilled Squid (RM5.60). I don't quite like this one, the marinate sauce tasted funny and the squid was chewy. It came with chilli sauce, that tasted weird to me as well. Boy boy found it acceptable though.
With a brand humming on its seafood, I think they really did a good job in preserving the freshness of the seafood as the stuffs do not have any fishy taste (which I am very sensitive of).

Nikudo Seafood Restaurant
40, Jalan SS2/63,
47300 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7873 6505

Tiny Ratings:
Food: 5.5/10
Ambience: 5/10
Service: 6/10

* all photos taken with Ipod Touch.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Madam Tussauds

Madam Tussauds is situated at The Peak (click to refer to my previous post on The Peak).

Jackie Chan's wax figure is located at the entrance but you are not allowed to use your own camera. They will use their camera and take a picture of you, then you can choose to buy the picture at the exit. I think it was expensive, almost RM50 for a picture, that's why we didn't buy it.

Going to bombard you guys with lots of pictures.




Cecelia Cheung: where is your husband?

Kelly Chen: pregnant with twins!

Gor Gor: Miss him!

Jet Li: A bit short.

Princess Diana: Miss her too!



Superb tenor.


The great painter.

The Brain.

Boy boy's favorite.

Sexy lady.

Andy Lau: So young.

Freaking tall.




Most of the wax figures look very young apparently. There are a lot of gadgets for you to play with for certain figures. You can take your own sweet time to walk through here. Not that big, but can spend around 1 hr plus to finish it.

Madam Tussauds Hong Kong
9:45am - 10pm daily (last admission: 9:45pm)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Peak - Hong Kong

We reached our hotel in Yau Ma Tei around 3pm and as soon as we change to warm clothing, we went to The Peak. Took the MTR to Central and walked to the lower terminal of The Peak Tram. The walk was like 15 minutes, because it was going uphill.


We bought the Tram ticket together with Madam Tussaud entrance ticket. Here's a look of the tram. Actually it can fit in a lot of people. When it was going uphill, we can see some scenery of Hong Kong's skyscrappers. That day was really foggy.


At the top of The Peak, we walked out from the building and had a walk around that area. Below is a older version of the tram.




We were hungry as the airplane food was not nice. We chose this Mak's Noodle as our tea time.


Wanton Mee. The dumplings were really tasty with lots of big pieces of prawns (which I like!). The soup was clear and has some flavour in it, not overpowering. Their version of mee was much thinner than our Malaysian version. It was springy.


Dad ordered beef noodles and he really liked it very much. I know it because he tried other restaurant beef noodles in the next few days and it was not as good as this. The beef was really tender.


Some scenery when you are on top of the Peak.


You can some people at the platform on the top right corner of this photo. You can purchase The Peak tram tickets together with Viewing at the Top (at additional cost ya).



Peak Tram Operating Hours :
7 am to 12 midnight(Mon - Sun & Public Holidays)
Frequency : Departs every 10 to 15 minutes

Next post will be on Madam Tussauds.