Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Exploring Lomo Pics

Going to the 'Pearl of Orient' tomorrow with my dad and sis. More on sight seeing coz my sis never been to HK before. Ocean Park, Madam Tussaude, Lautau Island are among the few in our list. But I still wont miss the opportunity of shopping for some CNY clothes for myself. Haha.
Will leave you guys with some lomo pics that I took with my iPod Touchie (a Christmas gift from my bro). Love the iPod touchie to bits! so addictive! Of course, I love my bro as well!

The lomo programme has 4 settings showed as the following pictures:
All the settings will appear randomly. So if we want the black n white one, we have to take until we get that. My colleagues and I love these Lomo pics to bits!

1 comment:

echean said...

apa apps ini?

there are many others apps in itunes.. very fun gar..