Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Back from HK

Back from HK on monday night.

Felt nausea on tuesday whole day. So I slept from 8pm - 6am.

Today still having headache whole day. This trip really worn me out, seriously!

Scanning the photos right now.

My sis told me not to post her picture on my blog. But the thing is that 90% of the photos were taken with her. =.="

My summarized itinerary:
Day 1: Madam Tussaude
Day 2: Ocean Park
Day 3: Lantau Island & Tai-O
Day 4: Lamma Island

Will try to find some photos to post in my blog for the above activities.

Didnt buy much things, coz most of them are winter wear, not usable in Malaysia.

Let u guys see some photos.

Just finished scanning the photos, found less than 10 pictures that I am alone in it. Sigh, if I know my sis don't let me post her photo, I should have take more pictures myself. Now, I have to think I am I going to blog about my HK trip without photos.

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