Thursday, January 27, 2011


I know many people believes in Feng Shui and some even practice it. There are many shops or restaurants or offices that have some feng shui decorations at their places. I am fine with it coz I myself believe in feng shui.

The thing is, some people, to be precise, a shop in Hong Kong went a bit overboard with it.

One night, we bought almost HKD1000 worth of clothes in a shop nearby our hotel. I bought a winter coat. When I was checking half way, the sales girl (she was really nice) said, 'is ok one, no problem with our clothes', so I just let it be.

The following morning, when I wanna unbutton the winter coat and wear it, I saw the big button has serious scratches on it. So at 9.30am, we went back to the shop and requested for an exchange. The salesgirl and the manager who served me the night before were not there.

So I spoke a salesgirl. I spoke in Cantonese and god knows what the girl spoke to me with, coz I dont understand what is she trying to say. It was like 'chicken and duck talk'. She dont wanna exchange for me, so I raised my voice and asked why cannot exchange because I just bought it the night before.

After like about 5 minutes of arguing, a manager came out from the storeroom and said sorry, she will exchange for me. While exchanging, she mumbled, "actually we can only exchange clothes after we closed our first sales for the day or can only exchange after 12pm".

I was like WTH? The exchange policy stated on their wall didnt state like that ok. They believe in feng shui until this extend! If like that, then state clearly in your policy lor.

My dad said, "if their sales is bad that day, they surely will blame it on you".

I was like, "not my fault lor". Still, I feel bad about it. Sigh.

This is the winter coat that I bought:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Back from HK

Back from HK on monday night.

Felt nausea on tuesday whole day. So I slept from 8pm - 6am.

Today still having headache whole day. This trip really worn me out, seriously!

Scanning the photos right now.

My sis told me not to post her picture on my blog. But the thing is that 90% of the photos were taken with her. =.="

My summarized itinerary:
Day 1: Madam Tussaude
Day 2: Ocean Park
Day 3: Lantau Island & Tai-O
Day 4: Lamma Island

Will try to find some photos to post in my blog for the above activities.

Didnt buy much things, coz most of them are winter wear, not usable in Malaysia.

Let u guys see some photos.

Just finished scanning the photos, found less than 10 pictures that I am alone in it. Sigh, if I know my sis don't let me post her photo, I should have take more pictures myself. Now, I have to think I am I going to blog about my HK trip without photos.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Exploring Lomo Pics

Going to the 'Pearl of Orient' tomorrow with my dad and sis. More on sight seeing coz my sis never been to HK before. Ocean Park, Madam Tussaude, Lautau Island are among the few in our list. But I still wont miss the opportunity of shopping for some CNY clothes for myself. Haha.
Will leave you guys with some lomo pics that I took with my iPod Touchie (a Christmas gift from my bro). Love the iPod touchie to bits! so addictive! Of course, I love my bro as well!

The lomo programme has 4 settings showed as the following pictures:
All the settings will appear randomly. So if we want the black n white one, we have to take until we get that. My colleagues and I love these Lomo pics to bits!

Monday, January 17, 2011

I am fine

I mean, we are fine.

We talked about a few critical issues in our relationship and managed to sort things out.

We settled it before Christmas day, so I have been fine since then. I just dont have time to update my status in my blog. Annie asked me to update fast, if not someone will think that I am still sad. Hehe.

During the first weekend of 2011, we bought a house. That's a commitment from both of us.

Now, I promised him that I will not simply emo and fight with him for no particular reason, and he also promised me not to scold me.

** my internet has been very lagging lately, will try to update my blog as often as I can. My apologies to my readers **