Friday, December 30, 2011

Marufuku Jaya One

It was raining Friday night and I decided to use the deal I bought from Hahah for dinner. I have heard great reviews on Marufuku udon, that prompted me to purchase this deal. It was RM22 for 2 person.
#1 Edamame

We are digi users, as such we get to have the edamame for free. It was quite a big portion. This is the first time I noticed that the actual dish is bigger portion than the one shown in the picture.
#2 Kaarage (3 pieces of Japanese chicken nugget)
Lots of people rave about their Kaarage and I have high hopes on it. The coating was really flavourful with a tint of ginger, pepper and spices. I really would love to finish the whole plate but the oiliness put me off. If it was not so oily, I would have order an extra plate of this. I think this is their must-have dish as I spotted this kaarage on every table! 
#3 Yakitori (2 sticks)

We get to choose 2 yakitori out of 8 different types of yakitori. The restaurant offer yakitori of various parts of the body. We chose the conventional one: black pepper chicken and soya sauce chicken. The soya sauce chicken yakitori was really good! Boy boy said it was sweet but to me it was really tasty. It is better than Kushi Q. The black pepper yakitori was nothing to shout about.

#4 Big Nabe hot pot

Now this is the star of the night. It came in a big claypot with various ingredients such as fresh vege, tofu, chicken and udon (udon came in a seperate bowl). The fish broth was not thick but it has all the essences of the ingredients. It made us keep on drinking the broth! For me who like to eat thick flavoured food, I would gladly say that I love this Nabe.

Oh, did I forgotten about the udon? which the restaurant is famous for. We poured the udon into the claypot and cook it for a minute. The udon has a spingy texture and it was good.

#5 Dango Japanese dessert

Red bean is not my favourite food, so I can't really comment on this. It was just so-so.

During our dining period, we were served well by the waitress. She patiently explained to us what the deal includes and what are the options. She cleaned our table once we finished the food. She refill our green tea without us asking. When we wanted to leave, she asked how was the food and I delightfully told her that the Nabe was delicious. Now, that's what I called GOOD SERVICE!

We would definately come back here to try out their other varieties.
Marufuku Jaya OneUnit L-18-G-1, Ground floor,
Palm Square, Jaya One,
72 A, Jalan Universiti,
46200 Petaling Jaya.
Tiny Ratings:
Food: 8/10
Ambiance: 6/10
Service: 8/10

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bali: Free n Easy at South Kuta

After the massage, our driver sent us to our next hotel located at South Kuta beach. Once we have checked in, we went to the beach. It was Sunday, as such the beach was full with locals.

#1 Look at the amount of people at the beach. No hot chicks. Boy boy was disappointed.

#2 Signature black sand in Kuta. (actually I just wanna show off my pedicure)

#3 We didnt go for the swim though. We just sat there and relax and watch sun set. And yet the sun set behind the clouds and not the sealine. >.<
We went for a restaurant nearby for western food dinner. I told Boy boy that I couldn't take Balinese food anymore, it is just not my taste. The dinning place was filled with foreigners. It took 1 hour for our food to be served. So freaking hungry. Well, the food was nothing to shout about.
The next day and our last day in Bali, it was free and easy. We had our breakfast in our hotel (which was freaking awesome), and started walking. Within 5 minutes, Boy boy's slippers gave up on him. So we went to a nearby shop to buy a slippers. It was just a normal pair of Japanese slippers and the fella priced it at approx RM60. Definately con the tourists 1!
But we had no choice as we had whole lot of walking today. We bargained until approx RM30, which we thought it was still overpriced. That fella asked Boy boy to give him his Nike slipper. Siao (crazy) la! Who on earth wanna give you the Nike slipper. It is not a trade-in ok.
So, we starting walking towards North. Bali is a tourist friendly place but not the roads. The side roads are filled with pot holes, uneven level etc. Make it so difficult to walk.
After some walking, we chose this spa place called Melasti Spa along the road since it was 50% off. Although the view is not as good as Ubud, but the place is definately cleaner and more aroma smell, which was relaxing.

#4 Satisfied customer

The spa here is slightly more expensive than Ubud. I just don't know whether to find the cheap cheap ones like what other people has found.
After that, we went into one of the mall to find some food. The lunch was not good (will blog about it in another post). So we decided to hunt for ice cream and this is what we found in the mall.

#5 Sitting in front of the Sour Sally shop.

#6 Definately very sour, tasty for Boy boy who loves to eat sour food.
After finished eating the ice cream and people watching for like 40 minutes. We walked to the back of the mall and discovered that there is actually a decent road along the beach that stretches quite far, from South to North.

#7 Again, no sunset.
So, we walked along the beach back to our hotel, like 30 minutes walk.
That ends our Bali trip.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Chicago Rib House - One Utama

Dad saw the opening promotion for Chicago Rib House on The Star. The promotion is get the 2nd full slab ribs at 50% off. That immediately drew his attention and determination to go this place located at One Utama shopping complex. Normally he is very reluctant to go to shopping complex at night due to the difficulty in finding a parking. Nevertheless, the advertisement has captured his attention.

I made a reservation in the afternoon and I strongly recommend you to do that as the restaurant was full at 7.30pm. Based on the decorations and pictures on the wall, you knew that it is a porky place. Sorry for my Muslim friends.

The special opening promotion includes RM3 Mojito.

We ordered potato skin (RM14.90) for 6 pieces. Boy boy could enjoy this as pork bacon is used (other potato skin uses beef). My parents love the taste of this potato skin albeit the not-so-crunchy skin. I benchmarked it against Jakes' potato skin and I could say that Jakes still serves the best potato skin.

Chicago Rib House version was not bad either, it has the cheese aroma and the pork bacon added flavour to it. The dipping sauce was good too.

Dad ordered banana milkshake (RM9). Very thick and very sweet. My sis would love it.

We ordered a full slab pork ribs with bourbon sauce (RM59) with fries and coleslaw. The ribs are huge and tender. My dad kept on saying that the sauce was not strong enough. My mom and I did taste the sauce and love it. The meat fell off the bone easily. The coleslaw portion was too small.

Another full slab pork ribs original sauce (RM53 less 50% = RM25). Dad preferred this version. However, the meat was not as tender as the previous ribs.

My parents and Boy boy enjoyed the dinner very much especially my dad. He said that he definitely will come back and try out other dishes and he will bring my sis and bro along too. I would prefer this restaurant as well compared to Chillis where the Q is always freaking long in One Utama.

The only downside was the service. We asked the waiter to pack the bones, he took it and never came back. So, no bones for my dogs. We asked to change a fork (as it was dirty) and it took him 10 minutes to come back with the fork. We asked for bill, and took them another 10 minutes to bring the bill. However, it is forgivable as they just opened the restaurant and needed time to suit themselves.

Tiny ratings:
Price: 7/10
Service: 5/10
Food: 8/10

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bali: Ibu Oka Babi Guling and Venezia Spa

The next morning, we checked out from our hotel and went to Ibu Oka Babi Guling. We reached there at 11am sharp and there were some customers already. We took a table whereby we sat on the floor.

#1 Pardon my no-makeup face as we need to go for massage later.

The menu is limited and you would only choose Babi Guling (like 'duh'). During my stay in Bali, I am not a fan of the side dishes of their nasi campur, and I still am. For the babi guling, it has some gluey texture and the skin is not as crunchy as I expected. The pork also has the porky smell. I still prefer our Chinese roast pork anytime.

#2 While we were leaving, a huge roasted pig has just arrived.

#3 Monkey Forest Road

#4 Venezia Spa, waiting to be served.

#5 Couple room.

The room is spacious and has 2 showers and bath tub. It has a slight view of the paddy field. We didnt get to utilize the bath tub as we did not choose the jacuzzi package. It was RM65 for 2 hours of massage and 20 minutes mandi lulur.

#6 Messy hair after massage

Venezia Spa has lots of massage room and massageur. The lady has no strength for massage. The bed has some kind of smell, which to me was not hygienic enough. Maybe I will try other massage place when I am there next time.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bali: Tegallalang and Bebek Bengil

After the disappointment at Kintamani, we went to Tegallalang rice terrace. Mr Made dropped us off at a secluded area and he brought us to walk a narrow path and there we were, gorgeous rice terrace. Love the greens!


See, no crowd! Because it is a secret place that Mr Made has discovered himself!


We took our time and take lots of pictures. The disadvantage is that the path is really small, so we have to be careful while taking the photos and get a good angle.


When you are in Bali, engage Mr Made and you will get this private Tegallalang view!


After the secret path, we moved further and there you see, another rice terrace which is a tourist spot, full of people, full of cars and no parking. The following picture was taken when we were in the car passing the place. Not much differences from Mr Made's secret path, right?


That was the end of our sight seeing trip. Mr Made sent us back to our hotel. After resting for awhile, we took the shuttle from the hotel to ubud town and search for Bebek Bengil Dirty Duck diner, a very famous restaurant in Ubud.

We ordered Nasi Campur Bebek and one half-duck rice. I think I am not use to Balinese nasi campur as I found myself not finishing all the side dishes. The flavour was just not my taste.


However, the crispy duck was absolutely spot on. The small bones were really crispy and crunchy. For boy boy who loves to eat bones, he enjoyed the duck very much. And for me, after trying the first small bone, it was unstoppable, I kept on finding small bones and eat. Very very addictive.


Very dark lighting. So have to use flash. May I say, it was romantic too because of the environment? (but got mosquitoes bite me lor).


Well, the dinner was not cheap (approximately RM70 for 2) but I would say it was very worth it. You could not get a more crispier duck in Malaysia. This dirty duck would be signature meal in Ubud. Love it to bits!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bali: Kintamani and Kopi Luwak

After departing from Gunung Kawi at Tampaksiring, we went up to Kintamani to see Mount Batur, an active volcano. Have to pay a small entrance fee while going up. We didn't go to Puncak Sari, a restaurant recommended by bloggers as the price is the cheapest among all the restaurant. We went to the one beside instead, and I have forgotten the name of the restaurant. =.=" But never mind, the food was nothing spectacular though and it was quite pricey, around RM45 per person.

We reach the restaurant at 12pm and we were the first customer. I tried to bargain about the price but she said it is already discounted as we are the first customer.

I was quite disappointed as it was really foggy that day.


No, that is not Mount Batur. It is still behind the fog.

After waited for 1 hour, we managed to see the bottom of Mount Batur. Hoping that the fog will disappear but it didn't.

We waited until 2pm and we gave up finally. It seems that luck was really not on my side during this trip: didn't get to see sunsetting at the sea border and didn't get to see Mount Bratur. But, never mind, there will always be next time and a reason for me to come to bali. :-)

After that, we stopped by a coffee plantation for Kopi Luwak, the famous and expensive coffee in Bali, perhaps the world.

Wiki says:

"Kopi luwak (Malay pronunciation: [ˈkopi ˈlu.aʔ]), or civet coffee, is one of the world's most expensive and low-production varieties of coffee. It is made from the beans of coffee berries which have been eaten by the Asian Palm Civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus) and other related civets, then passed through its digestive tract."

You may read more on Kopi Luwak here.

Plantation entrance that has many varieties of plants / trees.

Yup, I am holding the shit from civet cat. That's why Kopi Luwak is known as "Cat-poo-chi-no" (A joke from Mr Made)

We were given 3 coffees and 2 teas for tasting - complementary.

We added on a cup of Kopi Luwak for around RM18 (I think) for a small cup.

I am not a coffee person, so it will be unfair for me to give comments on the Kopi Luwak. I did take a sip.

Boy boy said he likes it. So we bought 2x500g back home.

The plantation owner, who is very friendly and speak Malaysian Malay.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bali: Gunung Kawi Temple

Around 9am, Mr Made picked us from our hotel and start our day trip in Ubud. On the way, Mr Made used the scenic road instead of 'highway' up. He dropped us at one of the scenic road for us to have a short walk while enjoying the rice field. So Boy boy and I had a morning walk, sort of pak toh-ing for both of us.

The villagers were very friendly. All of them with motorbike passed by and wished us "good morning". I was shocked at their friendly-ness. Mr Made said this is what you find in Ubud village, where the villagers respect the tourists.


I love "greeneries" (green + scenery).

1 of the temple in the village having a ceremony. As I was wearing shorts, we are not able to go inside and visit and see the ceremony. The next time when I go bali, I must bring along my pareo.

Gunung Kawi temple entrance.

While walking down the steps, the greeneries are impressive!

Temple area.

My usual posey photos.






You may read about Gunung Kawi Temple here.