Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tough moments

Had an argument with him last Wednesday.

And I thought going to KK on weekends can make me forget him for awhile, but it didn’t.

During the trip, I have thought about a lot of things.

I wonder he really doesn’t want to hear my voice anymore.

I feel that he is bored of me after all these years.

I think he will be happier without me in his life.

I ponder about our time together. Good and bad.

This is worst time that we are going through. Everytime we argued, we settled within 2 days. But this time, it is that bad. He never call since last Wednesday, except for hacking my facebook account.

There is no future that I can foresee at this moment.

Maybe we need some time-off for each other.

I am trying to adjust my life without his presence now.

It is not easy, but I will try.

1 comment:

maro^gal said...

he sounds so mo liu and kiddy.. not find u but instead hack ur account to change profile pix.. hahah

u two.. quarrel wat ar?? so serious?