Thursday, December 2, 2010


Ok guys, I am getting my new laptop tomorrow, hope that my blogging entry will resume as usual. I am still blogging from my dad’s laptop.

Updating my status in this post.


Brother has gone to SG last Friday. That morning itself, when I sat beside him and waking him up and told him that I am going to work ady and asked him to take care, my tears almost wanna flow out. Sigh, what a useless sis. Is always like that. Last time when we sent him off to Australia (that was like 8 years ago?), everyone was ok (no crying) until when my bro hugged me, my tears uncontrollably flowed out, and made all the people there cried. Luckily that morning he was still blur blur, haven’t wake up, so I left quickly, dem emo lor me.

Nevertheless, he settled down in SG now and he just booked tickets to come back during CNY. I am planning to go SG in June for their Mega Sales. No worries bro, every 3 months you can see us. Hahaha. SG not that far lar, First Coach / Airasia also very cheap only. Is just the hotel stay is expensive lor.


Yay! My sis is coming back from Australia for holiday this Friday. Guess my sis is the most excited person to see my bro back during CNY. She misses him a lot, she even dedicated a blog post for him. My sis misses her dogs too!


Today 5.30am received a sms, I have half expecting it to be a spam, it appeared that my cousin, Yen has just gave birth to a baby boy at 12.22am weighing 2.7kg, and she sms us to say that she is fine. She will be resting in my grandma’s place. Woo…I get to see the baby for a month.

Expecting another cousin of mine, Martin’s wife is giving birth around this time too, but her one is a baby girl. We are just waiting for the time to come. So, 2 babies have teman to play with each other during growing up stage. Same as my bro and I with Jojo, Ray, Yen, Wohlut and Mart, all of us are around the same age, we had good time together. Hope the next generation will have too!


Now, that’s one tiny problem, when people around me starting to get married or give birth, my emotion become unbalanced again. Sigh, thinking that why I couldn’t get marry … I want a baby too! When I have a lot of makeup jobs all packed together, I wanted to be a bride too. But now I already get used to the feelings or maybe numb already. That’s a good sign though, I still can play around for a few more years, no one can control.


I am going to Tao Cuisine to celebrate boy boy’s mom 60th birthday this Friday night. I have heard lots of good reviews and bad reviews for this buffet dinner. Good from Boy boy, bad from NCE. Guess I better try it out and see it for myself because NCE claimed that it was really really bad.


Starting a business is really hard. The amount of time and money spent on it is un-measurable. Sometimes, during Emo time, you will feel very depressed. However, Dad, mom, Boy boy and partner are really supportive. Guess when you never try, you never know right. Let me try to venture into this business and see whether am I fated to be in the fashion business.

I am having a booth in a bazaar at Tropicana Mall this weekend. A lot of things need to be prepared. I was in the sales line before and I have no idea why am I still so nervous about this. Need to buckle up my mood and attract more customers to stop at our booth.

I will also be displaying some accessories (necklaces, earrings) made by my mum (mind you, she went for a course to learn how to make accessories ok). Maybe I can try to sell cookies or cake made by my mum hor. Wah, what chap ba lang things also I wanna sell. Hahaha. If my partner read this, sure she will get shocked.


Mum will be giving me her small working table for me to put my new laptop and some fengshui stuffs to activate my business luck. Can’t wait to decorate my working table.


End of report.

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