Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Next Three Days

The movie was about Russell Crowe’s wife, Lara was accused of murdering her boss and was put in jail. Russell Crowe talked to an ex-convict who managed to break out of jail 7 times on how to escape from jail. After that, he plans the whole jail-breaking thingy to save his wife out.

The movie was around 2 hours plus. The story was a bit slow for the first half (indeed it was really uneasy for me to sit through the first half), and it started to pick up when RC save his wife out.

The whole story was indeed a bit fake as you may say, but no doubt that RC’s character is very smart, I didn’t expect him to plan until so far away (the detective searching the map part). Plus some luck, the whole plan works really well.

TinyVerdict: 6/10

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