Monday, December 13, 2010

My day at TCM bazaar

Last weekend was our very first bazaar at Tropicana City Mall. My partner and I were excited. We were quite kelam-kabut during the arrangement of items on the first day.


After settling down everything, we were ready to serve the customers. The only thing was there was no crowd. =.=" If there are people walking by, the just see see look look, and some dont even bother to walk till end, they U-turn when they almost reaching our booth. We were quite disappointed.

In the evening, Michie Gan came and visit us with her family, we were so happy to catch up with her.

During the whole day, we saw our neighbouring booths complained to the organizer that there is no crowd, there was no business for them etc. The organizer didnt come to our booth and say hello. My partner was really angry.

At the end of the day, I went up to the organizer and requested to change our booth to a better location, and she agreed. Thanks.

So, the second day, we were just in front of 7-11, some sort of near the entrance of TCM, which was good enough. At least people will come and flip our clothes.

This is PY, who was so kind to help me jaga booth on weekends. Thanks dear, muacks!


During some free time, I took some photos.



Second day was good enough for us, although we still wanna complain a lot of things ie. the band who kept on repeating the 5 songs every 2 hours (i.e again Pixie Lott). The band was totally not up to par.

The bazaar was until 10pm, but most of the vendors packed their things starting from 6pm. Our perception was since we paid for the rental fee, mai suai we waited till the end. Around 9pm, there were only 3-4 booths left (out of 40 booths). The organizer came and chat with us. We gave them our honest opinions, no hard feelings ya! We do hope for improvements in the future.

We will be participating in the same bazaar in January, and we hope that the response is good.

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