Thursday, November 4, 2010


When I saw the trailer of this movie, Hayden Christensen’s character caught my attention. I am not a fan of his (not a fan of Star Wars either), but I surely like his look in this movie, with a hat and a bow tie and a vest. Cool like mad.

The starting of the movie was interesting, it described how they rob a bank efficiently and done it with super uber coolness. After that, it has some talking scenes. I was a bit tired and I felt asleep. The eyes really cannot open muh.

Then it was like ¼ of the show, the actions started to come in i.e the boming of the road, the blasting of gun fires, the chasing sequences (Chris Brown must be exhausted while filming this movie), the Russian mobs shooting scenes etc. All these scenes came non-stop and I stayed awake till the end.

Storyline was so-so, the characters lack of dept, they emphasize a lot on the life of Gordon, Jake and the two policemen. I have no idea what Paul Walker and Hayden Christensen’s life was about.

I think they will have a second sequel on the survivors or even a prequel to describes Paul Walker and Hayden character.

Tiny Verdict: 8/10 (the action scenes are enough to glue you to the seat)

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