Thursday, November 11, 2010


After sending my parents and bro to the airport, I went to One Utama to catch the movie – Megamind alone. Since boy boy don’t like to watch cartoon show, I decided to watch it myself since I have nothing to do at home.

It was 11.30am show and the whole cinema has one couple sitting on my right and 3 different individuals seated few rows in front of me. There are people who likes to watch movie alone one wor. I am not the odd one out ya.

Standard cartoon movie with some lame jokes. I tried to laugh since I was supposed to enjoy the movie. The movie is about this super-intelligent alien who was raised in a prison and turned out to be villain when he was discriminated by his school mates while his nemesis, Metro Man gained fame as Metro City hero.

So both Megamind and MetroMan has been fighting numerous battles until one stint finally killed MetroMan. Without the presence of MetroMan, Megamind feels bored, so he created another hero, Tighten, and he turns out to be a disaster.

There goes the story. I would prefer How to Train Your Dragon or Toy Story movies anytime.

Tiny Verdict: 5/10

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