Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mezze - Medan Damansara

Thinking hard on where to celebrate our 8th anniversary dinner and finally settled with Mezze, a Mediterranean food. I am not new to Mediterranean food as I have tried before elsewhere and I find them tasted unique.

At first I was targeting for a quiet and romantic place for us and not too far from my house. I thought Mezze was not a bad place but I overlook the ‘bistro’ setting. The moment I step into the restaurant, we were seated in the middle of the restaurant and there are a lot of tables occupied by uncles who drink wine and very noisy.

This aside (still tolerable), the restaurant allows the customers to smoke under air-con environment! This I couldn’t tolerate. I hate people who smoke in air con environment. Please la, be considerate a bit, I don’t wanna have lung cancer like you ok. Boy boy said there is no sign in the restaurant said ‘smoking is not allowed’. I really regret my decision of coming here.


We placed order for 2 starters, 1 main and 1 dessert. The waiter told us that they will serve the food in sequence. He specifically mentioned, “we will serve the 2 starters, then the main and then the dessert” We agreed.

Portobello mushroom (RM16). I love Portobello mushroom, this was juicy and together with some garlic paste with pine nut, I think this was good enough.


Goat cheese salad (RM18). This dish was on the chef’s special that day. It came with a splash of goat cheese, slightly melted on a piece of bread, some salad in the middle with some sprinkle of bacon. It tasted very new to me coz I have never eat a splash of goat cheese, the smell of cheese was bearable. Eaten together with the fresh salad and crispy bacon, it was nice.


After we were finished with the starters, we waited 20 minutes before they serve us lamb pilaf pie and brownie, TOGETHER. Both of us stared at the waiter and hope he noticed that these two things were not meant to serve TOGETHER. He didn’t do anything.

“So what do we do?” Boy boy asked.
“Hm…. Tak kan we ask the waiter to take back the brownie?”
“Erm, isn’t it weird to eat the brownie first then the pie?” Boy boy asked.
“Never mind lor, what to do?”

So, unwillingly, we ate the brownie first. Brownie with a scoop of Hagen Daaz ice cream (RM19.50). Luckily the brownie tasted delicious, it was not moist enough but it was good enough to satisfy my cravings for chocolate cake. I really wish that I finish the night with this dessert.


OK, let’s eat Lamb Pilaf Pie (RM33) after the dessert. We were looking for some lamb shank or lamb shoulder to order but the menu doesn’t have it. They only offers Lamb Pilaf Pie and Lamb Moussaka. We went with the former.


When we break open the crust, it was basmati rice and the lamb with herbs were embedded between the rice. The crust was good and the lamb was good. I feel like this dish that I am eating Arab-style rice.


We were full at the end, not to mention that we were soaked with smelly cigarette smell. I pushed my half-drank Melon berry More mocktail (RM9) for boy boy to finish it and before he sipped, he saw a baby fly in it. I really sweat big time. More points minus off from this restaurant.


Overall, I was just really disappointed with this restaurant and I really do regret my choice of choosing this restaurant to celebrate my 8th year anniversary. I totally do not recommend families or couples to come here.

Mezze Bistro and Wine
132, Jalan Kasah,
50490 Medan Damansara
Tel: 2095 0122
(Closed on Sunday)

Tiny Ratings:
Deliciousness: 4/10 (got a fly in my drink! What you expect?)
Service: 4/10 (for not serving my dessert last)
Ambience: 2/10 (noisy and full of cigarette smell)

The special card that I bought for boyboy.


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