Friday, October 1, 2010

it was just weird

Boy boy and I were having dinner in Sushi Tei, we were seated in front of the sushi conveyer belt. While waiting for our last dish to be served, we saw a lady at the counter has some bad taste of fashion: polka dots shorts, transparent sleeveless top with black bra showing and a bit plus-size. Her back was facing us but from the side of her she was around my age.

Both of us were criticizing how bad the lady’s taste was, and being a plus-size, her big thigh was so obvious with her shorts, and her bucket-waist was also obvious with her transparent top. I am not discriminating plus-size people but the fashion sense of this girl. Some plus-size ladies dress very elegantly one ok. This is not the main topic.

While we were giggling and looking at the lady (she was at the counter quite long), the guy staff (the one who make sushi or whatever behind the conveyer belt) saw and maybe heard our conversation and he smiled at me. Then I was a bit malu already.

Boy boy didn’t notice the guy staff’s reaction and he kept on criticizing the lady. Then the guy staff looked at me and asked, “so, what’s your comment on it?” signaling the lady. My face straight away turned red and said, “no la, nothing”. Then that guy laughed. Dem paiseh (‘malu’) lar.

Boy boy didn’t know that the guy was talking to me and he still continue looking at the lady and comment. I was abit embarrased already coz that staff kept on listening to us condeming people.

When I told boy boy about it, he said I should have ask the guy back, “what’s your comment then?” You go ask him yourselves.

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