Tuesday, October 5, 2010

accident or careless?

Yesterday, AL and I planned to go Citibank for lunch. After I stepped out from the office, I opened my umbrella (sort of new because I got it from my mum 2 weeks ago), and suddenly I slipped my hand through it. I felt a bit pain, so I look at my fingers. And I saw lots of blood flowing out from my right index finger.

I thought it was just a small stratch, so I was quite calm at that moment. But few seconds later, the blood was flowing so fast until it dropped onto the floor like water flowing out from the tap. Then AL and I panicked.

Took a piece of tissue and covered the wound, the blood immediately stained the whole tissue. Took another piece and applied pressure on it. Still the same. Took the third piece. Still the same.

We were struggling whether to go back to office or go to clinic. AL’s opinion was to stop the blood myself first. So when we walked back few steps, I opened the tissue and see again, the wound was quite big then I told AL that I better go to clinic. I don’t think I can stop the blood myself.

When I was in the clinic, I told the nurse that I cut my finger. Then she said, “potong dengan pisau?” I said, “bukan, potong dengan umbrella”. Then they all laughed and kept thinking how the heck I cut myself with an umbrella.

Luckily doctor said no need to stitch, but need to jab. I panicked again, jab on the finger??? Dem pain wei. But the doctor said jab on my arm, tetanus jab. Oh, I felt relieve. After bandaging my finger, she asked me to always point the finger upwards. She added on, “One Malaysia ma”. I swt. AL jokingly said luckily is not the third finger that kena cut.

Doctor gave me antibiotic, pain killer, anti-swelling medicines, and most of all, a half-day MC. Woot! I didn’t ask for it, the doctor gave me one.

Now I realize that the index finger is very very important, especially I am right handed. I cant hold a pen, cant hold chopsticks, cant hold knife etc. So when I am ordering food I need to think back n forth i.e easy to eat with just one hand, no seafood, no eggs etc.
Furthermore, I cant click properly on the mouse, heavily relying on my third finger, until one time my third finger cramp. I even use my third finger to type. Now, my third finger very tired lor.

Bathing time is the most horrific part, I have to wrap my hand with plastic bag to prevent water from sprinkling to my wound. Wash my face with one hand, apply soup with one hand. Oh gosh, what a difficult task.
Today when I went to the clinic to change the dressing, doctor open the dressing and there was a little bit of blood still flowing out. Sigh, I guess the wound must be really deep.

Tonight I need to wash hair somemore, I have no idea how am I going to do that. PY suggested that I go to salon and wash hair. I think that is a good idea. Will think about it.

I hope that my wound will heal by Saturday coz I have a makeup job on Sunday morning. I cant afford not to hold the brushes properly.

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Mira said...

hey there. was just browsing along and i saw your post with regards to the aerobic classes and stuff. would like to know if you have any suggestion for a good monthly-basis aerobic/dancing fitness class. are you still going to all the fitness classes? hit me back

get well soon! im sure you're gonna be fine for the make up! ttyl