Monday, October 11, 2010

8 years together

It is our 8th year anniversary today. When we got together I didn’t even think that we could last this long (actually I didn’t expect him to be so loyal, hehe).

This is the first pressie he gave to me during our first dating and it is always beside my bed.

When PY and I were shopping in a bazaar, we saw a stall that sells cards. PY and I bought this card. I thought it is a butterfly at first but when I look closer, beneath the 2 butterflies, there are two characters that resemble the first gift that he gave me. Immediately I bought it, to remind both of us that how far we have come.

I have the urge to tell you guys how we got together, not many people knew about it, but I think it is a classic story that I can share with everyone.

After we graduated from secondary school, we lost contact (not to say lost contact because we don’t even talk to each other during secondary school, same class for 1 year some more). 3 years later, he added me through ICQ and we started chatting. Then he started to tell me all the sweet sweet things (which I chose not to disclose).

After 1 month of online ‘flirting’, he still didn’t ask me to be his gf. I was wondering whether we are a couple or not, or does he really like me, or he is just being nice to me, or he does not want to proceed further to a relationship?

So, finally, I asked the one million dollar question, “Would you like to be my boyfriend?” not through phone, it was through ICQ. Dem daring.

He didn’t answer me though, he asked me back, “would you like to be my girlfriend?”

That was how we got together, through ICQ.

Then, we went for our first date. He didn’t hold my hands. When I got back home, I complained to him that why he didn’t hold my hands, isn’t couple supposed to hold hands? He said that he was scared that I fling his hand away, and I said I wont do that.

So, on a second date, we walked for 30 minutes in the shopping complex and yet he still don’t wanna hold my hands. So I pissed off a bit and asked, “you wanna hold my hands or not one???”

Then he quickly hold. That was how we started of pak toh.

At the blink of eyes, it has been 8 years. Sometimes I wonder whether I am a replacement for her 3rd ex or not coz he entered into the relationship with me 2 months after the breakup. But time proves me wrong, because I know that he really loves me, he is the guy that I really want to be with for the rest of my life.

To Boy boy:

I truly appreciate the time and years that we spent together and celebrating all important events together.

Thank you for tolerating my fluctuating mood.

Thank you for your support in everything that I do.

Thank you for accompanying me when I am sad.

Thank you for having me in your life.

I cherish every single seconds with you.

Happy 8th Anniversary!

p/s: note that I did not bring the marriage issue up here coz I am beginning to think that there is a purpose why I am not married until now, maybe is an arrangement from God and I have started to accept it. The time will come, and I will just have to wait patiently for it without any forced actions that can damage our relationship.

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