Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh

On a Saturday, we went for house hunting with Nikky and Suyin. Before we start the hunting, we went for lunch at the famous Pao Xiang BKT. The Pu Er costs RM5.

It was a quiet afternoon for them. The price was expensive and the food portion was small. If you are dining 2 person, make sure that you order AT LEAST 2 types of meat, if not you wont be full.

The advantage of the restaurant was that they serve the meat on top of a burner. So your meat and soup is always hot.

Sui Kut Tang Ki (RM9.50); Pai Kut (RM9.50); Luan Kut (RM9.50); Sum Chan Bah (RM9.50). You can ask for additional soup. I didn’t see them charge for this additional soup.


The soup was sweet and the meat was tender.

We ordered some Yao Mak (RM8.50) for the greens.

Then, the Yao Char Kuey / Oil Stick (RM4) was strongly recommended by Nikky and Suyin. We ordered 2 bowls. Indeed, it was really crunchy and not oily as the other YCK. It was really good! If you are going there, make sure you order one bowl of this YCK just for yourselves, no sharing! This was THAT GOOD.

Pao Xiang Bak Kut The
56, Jalan SS15/4,
46500 Subang Jaya

Tiny ratings:

Deliciousness: 5/10 (8.5 for the YCK!)
Ambience: 6/10
Service: 6/10

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sun Ban Lee Bak Kut Teh - Seapark

Whenever we passed by this place, it was full of people. So on a rainy Sunday night, we decided to try this BKT. At 9pm, the restaurant was empty. We ordered one dry and one traditional version BKT.

This is my first time trying dry BKT. The sauce was sweet. I hope they give more lady fingers though. Not bad actually.


The soup version came boiling hot. It was ok.


The yaocharkuey was a bit soggy, not nice at all. Other than that, it was average BKT shop.

Sun Ban Lee Bak Kut Teh
103, Jalan 20/7,
Paramount Garden.

Tiny Ratings:
Deliciousness: 6/10
Service: 6/10
Ambience: 5/10

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Carnaval Churrascaria

Managed to ajak Yweng couple, Nikky couple and my bro to try out this brazillian buffet restaurant on a Sunday. The restaurant offers 15% discount on Sunday, so we paid RM48 + RM1.20 (refillable plain water).

We were giving 2 types of condiments to eat with the meat.


They offer different types of grill meat off the skewer. So when the waiter brings the meat to you, just say 'Yes' if you want it and he will cut it for you. Throughout the whole night, they will keep on bringing out different types of meat.


Chicken Ham and garlic bread. God knows how many pieces of Garlic bread that me, my bro, mich and scott took, more than 10 pieces for each of us. Although it tasted slightly sour but it smell so nice and tasted good.


There is also an area for salad and some vegetables.


Chicken sauge, lamb leg, and beef.


Curry fillet: so-so only. The grill chicken tasted awesome, it was well-marinated and full with flavour, the only downside was it was really salty. I was so tempted to take another piece, but I scare of the saltiness.


They have gizzards and pineapple. Oh ya, the grill pineapple is a must-try too! very very juicy and sweet, we ate quite a lot of that.

That was the day we celebrated 10.10.10.

Overall, it was a good dining experience. If you loves meat, definately must come here and try. Now my dad wants us to bring him dine there after hearing our good reviews.

Carnaval Churrascaria
77, Jalan SS22/19,
Damansara Jaya.
(near Atria Damansara)
Tel: 7725 2252

Tiny Ratings:
Deliciousness: 7/10
Ambience: 6/10
Service: 8/10

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mezze - Medan Damansara

Thinking hard on where to celebrate our 8th anniversary dinner and finally settled with Mezze, a Mediterranean food. I am not new to Mediterranean food as I have tried before elsewhere and I find them tasted unique.

At first I was targeting for a quiet and romantic place for us and not too far from my house. I thought Mezze was not a bad place but I overlook the ‘bistro’ setting. The moment I step into the restaurant, we were seated in the middle of the restaurant and there are a lot of tables occupied by uncles who drink wine and very noisy.

This aside (still tolerable), the restaurant allows the customers to smoke under air-con environment! This I couldn’t tolerate. I hate people who smoke in air con environment. Please la, be considerate a bit, I don’t wanna have lung cancer like you ok. Boy boy said there is no sign in the restaurant said ‘smoking is not allowed’. I really regret my decision of coming here.


We placed order for 2 starters, 1 main and 1 dessert. The waiter told us that they will serve the food in sequence. He specifically mentioned, “we will serve the 2 starters, then the main and then the dessert” We agreed.

Portobello mushroom (RM16). I love Portobello mushroom, this was juicy and together with some garlic paste with pine nut, I think this was good enough.


Goat cheese salad (RM18). This dish was on the chef’s special that day. It came with a splash of goat cheese, slightly melted on a piece of bread, some salad in the middle with some sprinkle of bacon. It tasted very new to me coz I have never eat a splash of goat cheese, the smell of cheese was bearable. Eaten together with the fresh salad and crispy bacon, it was nice.


After we were finished with the starters, we waited 20 minutes before they serve us lamb pilaf pie and brownie, TOGETHER. Both of us stared at the waiter and hope he noticed that these two things were not meant to serve TOGETHER. He didn’t do anything.

“So what do we do?” Boy boy asked.
“Hm…. Tak kan we ask the waiter to take back the brownie?”
“Erm, isn’t it weird to eat the brownie first then the pie?” Boy boy asked.
“Never mind lor, what to do?”

So, unwillingly, we ate the brownie first. Brownie with a scoop of Hagen Daaz ice cream (RM19.50). Luckily the brownie tasted delicious, it was not moist enough but it was good enough to satisfy my cravings for chocolate cake. I really wish that I finish the night with this dessert.


OK, let’s eat Lamb Pilaf Pie (RM33) after the dessert. We were looking for some lamb shank or lamb shoulder to order but the menu doesn’t have it. They only offers Lamb Pilaf Pie and Lamb Moussaka. We went with the former.


When we break open the crust, it was basmati rice and the lamb with herbs were embedded between the rice. The crust was good and the lamb was good. I feel like this dish that I am eating Arab-style rice.


We were full at the end, not to mention that we were soaked with smelly cigarette smell. I pushed my half-drank Melon berry More mocktail (RM9) for boy boy to finish it and before he sipped, he saw a baby fly in it. I really sweat big time. More points minus off from this restaurant.


Overall, I was just really disappointed with this restaurant and I really do regret my choice of choosing this restaurant to celebrate my 8th year anniversary. I totally do not recommend families or couples to come here.

Mezze Bistro and Wine
132, Jalan Kasah,
50490 Medan Damansara
Tel: 2095 0122
(Closed on Sunday)

Tiny Ratings:
Deliciousness: 4/10 (got a fly in my drink! What you expect?)
Service: 4/10 (for not serving my dessert last)
Ambience: 2/10 (noisy and full of cigarette smell)

The special card that I bought for boyboy.


Monday, October 11, 2010

8 years together

It is our 8th year anniversary today. When we got together I didn’t even think that we could last this long (actually I didn’t expect him to be so loyal, hehe).

This is the first pressie he gave to me during our first dating and it is always beside my bed.

When PY and I were shopping in a bazaar, we saw a stall that sells cards. PY and I bought this card. I thought it is a butterfly at first but when I look closer, beneath the 2 butterflies, there are two characters that resemble the first gift that he gave me. Immediately I bought it, to remind both of us that how far we have come.

I have the urge to tell you guys how we got together, not many people knew about it, but I think it is a classic story that I can share with everyone.

After we graduated from secondary school, we lost contact (not to say lost contact because we don’t even talk to each other during secondary school, same class for 1 year some more). 3 years later, he added me through ICQ and we started chatting. Then he started to tell me all the sweet sweet things (which I chose not to disclose).

After 1 month of online ‘flirting’, he still didn’t ask me to be his gf. I was wondering whether we are a couple or not, or does he really like me, or he is just being nice to me, or he does not want to proceed further to a relationship?

So, finally, I asked the one million dollar question, “Would you like to be my boyfriend?” not through phone, it was through ICQ. Dem daring.

He didn’t answer me though, he asked me back, “would you like to be my girlfriend?”

That was how we got together, through ICQ.

Then, we went for our first date. He didn’t hold my hands. When I got back home, I complained to him that why he didn’t hold my hands, isn’t couple supposed to hold hands? He said that he was scared that I fling his hand away, and I said I wont do that.

So, on a second date, we walked for 30 minutes in the shopping complex and yet he still don’t wanna hold my hands. So I pissed off a bit and asked, “you wanna hold my hands or not one???”

Then he quickly hold. That was how we started of pak toh.

At the blink of eyes, it has been 8 years. Sometimes I wonder whether I am a replacement for her 3rd ex or not coz he entered into the relationship with me 2 months after the breakup. But time proves me wrong, because I know that he really loves me, he is the guy that I really want to be with for the rest of my life.

To Boy boy:

I truly appreciate the time and years that we spent together and celebrating all important events together.

Thank you for tolerating my fluctuating mood.

Thank you for your support in everything that I do.

Thank you for accompanying me when I am sad.

Thank you for having me in your life.

I cherish every single seconds with you.

Happy 8th Anniversary!

p/s: note that I did not bring the marriage issue up here coz I am beginning to think that there is a purpose why I am not married until now, maybe is an arrangement from God and I have started to accept it. The time will come, and I will just have to wait patiently for it without any forced actions that can damage our relationship.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I am happy for a friend Carolyn who is registering her marriage today.

She booked me for the makeup. Whenever I have morning makeup job, I couldnt sleep well the night before. Indeed, it happened again last time. Slept at 10pm, woke up 11pm and 1am. Finally, I woke up at 4am and went to her place at 5am and did her makeup. Luckily my finger did listen to my prayers, it just haltered my 2% of the makeup movement. Other than that, it was doing fine.

This is Carolyn in her beautiful ROM dress with a nice big ribbon at the back. Envy!


Anyhow, the gang of us (my bro, Nikky couple and yweng couple) also celebrated this special day in Carnaval Churrascaria for brazilian buffet. Just came back.

Index finger update:

The wound close already. I didnt let water to touch it for one week until today when I washed off the hair spray on my hair and it didnt feel pedih. Minyak gamat (sea cucumber oil) really works miracle! Sometimes you need to rely on some traditional medicine.

It happened that my mum's malay colleague gave her a bottle and she kept it until I told her that my colleague recommended me minyak gamat. I applied minyak gamat for 5 days, 'kiasi' (fear of dying) a bit, 3 times a day.

I think the wound needs time to heal. I cant bent my finger like the other left index finger do, cant straighten it like the other one. It do have sudden pain when I tried to use the force of 5 fingers.

And one more thing, I phobia foldable umbrella already.

Yu Ai - SS2

PY was super eager to try out this curry noodles after reading from a blogger's blog. She wanted to go to segambut for this but I said they have a branch in SS2, which is very near to our location. On one fine day, both of us went there for lunch.

I have known the existence of Yu Ai ages ago but I have only tried once few years ago because I am not a fan of curry noodles and seafood that time. That time it was priced at RM13 for small bowl and RM15 for big. Now, they have increased it to RM15 for small and RM17 for big. Pricey to eat I can say, but once in while, never mind la.

You can choose the ingredients that you want, if not they will just give everything to you i.e sotong, clams, prawns, mussels and fish slices. My bowl of curry noodles look simple coz I exlcuded the clams and mussels.


The curry soup was really thick and the ingredients were super duper a lot! 5 big prawns without the shell and lots of sotong. The fish slices were very fresh too. The curry was not that spicy but it was rich and creamy. PY said it was nice but nothing comparable to her hometown curry noodles (I have yet to try). At least it was good though that she didnt complain about it coz she is very very fussy with curry noodles or tomyam noodles.

Speaking of tomyam noodles, Yu Ai offers it too! We didnt try it that day, but one week later, I went back to Yu Ai with boyboy coz his turn to request that he wanted to eat curry noodles. So this time, I risked my stomach and ordered tomyam (PY, make sure you read this sentence ya coz you asked me to experiment).

I took a sip of the soup, it tasted slightly sour and a hint of lemony taste. Erm, not the typical tomyam broth that I tasted in the steamboat stall and Cozy Corner. This was darker in color. Still eatable though.


I mentioned to PY about it and she said the lemony taste tomyam is what she had been looking for in PJ. So she excitedly went and try few days later but she said it was not on par to her standard. Hm... different people different taste I assume.

By the way, you can order curry mix with tomyam broth in Yu Ai. I dont wanna risk my stomach for that version le. PY, you go eat and tell me.

Restoran Yu Ai
58, SS2/10,
47300 Petaling Jaya
(Same row as Original Kayu Nasi Kandar in Chow Yang)

Tiny ratings:
Deliciousness: 7/10
Ambience: 5/10
Service: 7/10

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

accident or careless?

Yesterday, AL and I planned to go Citibank for lunch. After I stepped out from the office, I opened my umbrella (sort of new because I got it from my mum 2 weeks ago), and suddenly I slipped my hand through it. I felt a bit pain, so I look at my fingers. And I saw lots of blood flowing out from my right index finger.

I thought it was just a small stratch, so I was quite calm at that moment. But few seconds later, the blood was flowing so fast until it dropped onto the floor like water flowing out from the tap. Then AL and I panicked.

Took a piece of tissue and covered the wound, the blood immediately stained the whole tissue. Took another piece and applied pressure on it. Still the same. Took the third piece. Still the same.

We were struggling whether to go back to office or go to clinic. AL’s opinion was to stop the blood myself first. So when we walked back few steps, I opened the tissue and see again, the wound was quite big then I told AL that I better go to clinic. I don’t think I can stop the blood myself.

When I was in the clinic, I told the nurse that I cut my finger. Then she said, “potong dengan pisau?” I said, “bukan, potong dengan umbrella”. Then they all laughed and kept thinking how the heck I cut myself with an umbrella.

Luckily doctor said no need to stitch, but need to jab. I panicked again, jab on the finger??? Dem pain wei. But the doctor said jab on my arm, tetanus jab. Oh, I felt relieve. After bandaging my finger, she asked me to always point the finger upwards. She added on, “One Malaysia ma”. I swt. AL jokingly said luckily is not the third finger that kena cut.

Doctor gave me antibiotic, pain killer, anti-swelling medicines, and most of all, a half-day MC. Woot! I didn’t ask for it, the doctor gave me one.

Now I realize that the index finger is very very important, especially I am right handed. I cant hold a pen, cant hold chopsticks, cant hold knife etc. So when I am ordering food I need to think back n forth i.e easy to eat with just one hand, no seafood, no eggs etc.
Furthermore, I cant click properly on the mouse, heavily relying on my third finger, until one time my third finger cramp. I even use my third finger to type. Now, my third finger very tired lor.

Bathing time is the most horrific part, I have to wrap my hand with plastic bag to prevent water from sprinkling to my wound. Wash my face with one hand, apply soup with one hand. Oh gosh, what a difficult task.
Today when I went to the clinic to change the dressing, doctor open the dressing and there was a little bit of blood still flowing out. Sigh, I guess the wound must be really deep.

Tonight I need to wash hair somemore, I have no idea how am I going to do that. PY suggested that I go to salon and wash hair. I think that is a good idea. Will think about it.

I hope that my wound will heal by Saturday coz I have a makeup job on Sunday morning. I cant afford not to hold the brushes properly.

Friday, October 1, 2010

it was just weird

Boy boy and I were having dinner in Sushi Tei, we were seated in front of the sushi conveyer belt. While waiting for our last dish to be served, we saw a lady at the counter has some bad taste of fashion: polka dots shorts, transparent sleeveless top with black bra showing and a bit plus-size. Her back was facing us but from the side of her she was around my age.

Both of us were criticizing how bad the lady’s taste was, and being a plus-size, her big thigh was so obvious with her shorts, and her bucket-waist was also obvious with her transparent top. I am not discriminating plus-size people but the fashion sense of this girl. Some plus-size ladies dress very elegantly one ok. This is not the main topic.

While we were giggling and looking at the lady (she was at the counter quite long), the guy staff (the one who make sushi or whatever behind the conveyer belt) saw and maybe heard our conversation and he smiled at me. Then I was a bit malu already.

Boy boy didn’t notice the guy staff’s reaction and he kept on criticizing the lady. Then the guy staff looked at me and asked, “so, what’s your comment on it?” signaling the lady. My face straight away turned red and said, “no la, nothing”. Then that guy laughed. Dem paiseh (‘malu’) lar.

Boy boy didn’t know that the guy was talking to me and he still continue looking at the lady and comment. I was abit embarrased already coz that staff kept on listening to us condeming people.

When I told boy boy about it, he said I should have ask the guy back, “what’s your comment then?” You go ask him yourselves.